SB1 Long Broomstick

Price £234.99
Dexterity : Right Hand
Head Cover
Custom Lie
Head Weight : 495 grams
Custom Length
Head Material : 100% Milled 6061 Aircraft Aluminium
Counter Balance Upgrade
Shaft : Straight

 The SeeMore SB1 Long/Broomstick putter is the perfect putter for those golfers who have gone to a special way to putt.

~ Broomstick style anchored or non-anchored

~ Side Saddle

~ Face On

~ Super Heavy


*NOTE - Putter shaft does not have black portion at the bottom of shaft near putter head. The heel is off the ground because the lie angle is at 79 degrees which is the USGA limit for conforming. If the shaft is vertical then the only way to have the heel flat would be to have the lie angle adjusted also to 90 degrees.

With a nearly 500 gram head, shaft lengths from 38 to 52 inches, and the shaft angle at the maximum 79′ angle, the 100% SB1 broomstick models is completely unique within the SeeMore putter line, designed by some of the worlds top broomstick style putters for those who are committed to the long putter. SeeMore’s RST technology has been modified in the SB1 broomstick to incorporate key alignment lines that are optimal for a super-long, upright style putter. If you have questions about the SB1 broomstick putter, contact Team SeeMore at melvyn@seemoreputters.co.uk or 01889 500108.


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