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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer club repair?
Yes, we offer club repair for your SeeMore Putter. Call 01889 500108 to speak to a representative or contact your local SPi Centre on our website.

What address do I use to send my putter back for repair?
This can be done by your local SPi centre or returned to Four Counties Golf, Chase View, Newton Lane, Newton, Rugeley, Staffs, WS15 3PA.

Do I need a RA# (return authorisation number) for my repair?
Yes, you do need a RA# (return authorisation number) for your club repair. Issuing for RA# ensures that the correct repair will be made for your putter. Call 01889 500108 to speak to a representative. You will be given an RA# and an email will be sent to you with a Repair Authorisation form that will need to be included in the putter package.

Can I change the lie of my putter?
You can take your putter to a local SPi Centre or local Pro may be able to help.  They can bend the lie of your putter 1-2 degrees flat or upright. If your local Pro is uncertain, please have him call 01889 500108 and we will advise. Or you can always call and ask for us to change the lie of your putter for a repair charge of £15.00 plus £10 shipping UK Mainland. (Will need to have RA# for return).

How do I measure for correct length?
The SeeMore system puts you in a consistent set-up. First bending at your hips and having your shoulders back - not rounded, do this. You should feel as if you’re a little taller than your normal set-up.  Your eyes should be just inside the heel of the putter. Not over the top of the putter or over the ball like you have heard in the past. Having your eyes just inside the heel of the putter allows you to move your arms and hands back without manipulating the stroke (Close your eyes and just move your arms and hands back and forth - this is the feeling you should have).  In order to have your eyes just inside the heel of the putter you have to have the correct length putter (TIP: drop a golf ball at your address position - see where the ball lands).  Again, we want the ball to fall just inside the heel of the putter head. Once you get the correct length then you can turn your focus on to the lie.

How do I measure for a correct lie?
At address, position stand in front of a full-length mirror and look at your putter head. If the toe of the putter is up in the air, then you need a flatter lie. If the heel of the putter is up in the air, then you need an upright lie.  SeeMore putters standard lie is 70'. If you do need to adjust your lie, 2' either flat or upright is generally all that is required.  Are your hands behind the ball at address position when using a SeeMore putter?  If you take the SeeMore putter and extend your arms straight out at chest height (having putter parallel with the ground), hide the red dot and see the two white lines. Move the putter straight down and you will have your consistent ball position just left of your zipper (for right-handed golfers). Hands and ball position should be just left of your zipper for all putts.

Do I need any special care for my CS (Carbon Steel) putter?
You do not need special care for your CS putter. It has a proprietary protective coating already applied to the putter head.

How much is a lesson and fitting at the putter studio?
Contact your local SPi Centre for their local rates.

What does FGP stand for?
FGP (or Featuring Ground Plumb) is a simple term to describe the many benefits of the FGP putter, which has won 2 great Major Championships. The putter not only has a precision alignment system (RST, featuring the 2 white lines and hiding the red dot), but the putter also is face balanced at impact, meaning that the putter head squares up naturally as the putter is in the hitting zone of the stroke.

How does SeeMore measure putter length?
Putter manufacturers measure putters in different ways; one company's 35 is another company's 34.5. Here at SeeMore we measure using a yardstick from the end of the grip down the shaft to the centre tangent point of the sole directly under the shaft. Some other companies will measure from end of the grip down behind the heel. If you have any questions about measurement please call 01889 500108, we will be happy to help. Click here to view a YouTube video about measuring putter length

How do I get a replacement grip?
Visit the local SPi Centre or Contact 01889 500108 to find your replacement grip and place an order.

Which headcover fits my putter?
Visit the Headcovers section of our online store - and see our selection of headcovers. All SeeMore headcovers fit all SeeMore putter heads except for individual headcovers that are for SB large mallet putters, as stated.