Niall Kearney 4th Place finish

Niall Kearney narrowly missed out on becoming the first Irish golfer to break the 60 mark on tour, as he signed for a 61 in the final round of the Canary Islands Championship in Tenerife.

Kearney made nine birdies and an eagle in his round - dropping a solitary shot - with his 10-under-par effort seeing him surge up the leaderboard.

He needed back-to-back birdies on his final two holes - the eighth and ninth - to card a 59 but finished his fine 18 with two pars.

Kearney’s 61 was enough to see him finish in a share of fourth place overall, still way off the pace of tournament winner Garrick Higgo.

Kearney uses a SeeMore FGP Original - 37", 71 lie, 2 loft and SM60g grip.

Irish Times Story - Niall Kearney


Winner of the SeeMore PTM3 Putter selected using a Random Number Generator. The winner is Tim Whitehouse.  Will be in touch with Tim to sort his custom build specifications so that we can build to the right length, loft and lie.  All comes at a time when we have light at then end of the tunnel with regards to getting back on the golf course, albeit with some restrictions at this time.

We thank everyone for entering the competition and will be launching out competition for a Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 Driver next week.


Club Champ with mFGP20

10/7/19 - Great news - Earlier in the month Mary had been in touch for a bit of guidance to support her practice sessions with the putter.  Well it definitely paid off as today Mary texted me to say she had won the Wellingborough Ladies Club Championship with a 2 over gross and 1 over gross rounds and putted brilliantly.  Huge congratulations Mary from Team SeeMore.


May 2019 - Following the trying of a friends putter Mary decided to book in for a custom fitting and some guidance and advise on how to get the best out of a SeeMore Putter.  Mary took on board the session, ordered the new MFGP20 which brings the look of a classic heel and toe weighted blade to the FGP family with enhanced forgiveness. The MFGP20 blade offers a look of exceptional confidence at address, and is Face Balanced at Impact, meaning the putter head will remain square to the plane throughout the stroke. The MFGP20 has a beautiful Platinum finish with intricate multiple milling patterns over the entire putter, including a deep milled face for exceptional Feel and Roll. Features the new "Sniper Scope" logo, representing the ultimate in Performance, Precision, and Exclusivity that the new Platinum Series has to offer. Striking design with lasting beauty. Straight near center bore shaft position. Full toe hang. 100% Milled in the USA of the most expenseive grade of USA made 303 Stainless steel. Alignment benefits of RifleScope Technology (RST).

It is always great to get positive feedback in any form and an email received later that day was lovely to get.

"Just to say thanks for today, great experience and looking forward to not using my new toy too often!!!!!!!"

Customer Happy and Winning

11 Handicaper Christine received her brand new SeeMore FGP20 platinum on Tuesday 7th May.  Takes it out on the course for the medal after a few putts on the putting green and scores a fabulous gross 78.  Christine came for a custom fitting and took on the advise given by Melvyn for setup, posture and it certainly paid dividends.  Christine posted on Facebook :

Here it is !!!! My wonderful new SeeMore Putter ( still needs a name - any suggestions?). First outing yesterday and it was fantastic- 4 over par at WHGC. Thanks to Mel/Anne at Four Counties Golf. Great club and great technical advice - don’t ask about the measuring tape at 10.5 inches.

Christine is no longer 11 handicap and is on the road to her target of single figures.  Good luck - remember the method and putt with confidence.


20 Years on!!

The SeeMore Platinum Series of 100 percent milled putters do more than expand the company’s lineup of mallets and blades. What they really do is honor the company’s legendary start while showing how far it’s come at the same time.

Firstly, the SeeMore Platinum Series commemorates the 20th anniversary of the distinctive putter’s defining moment: Payne Stewart’s 72nd hole U.S. Open-winning putt at Pinehurst No. 2 in 1999. Stewart used the company’s first putter, the FGP, a curiously-shafted blade-like model that introduced two critical aspects of putter design. Those include the company’s aiming technology, called “Riflescope, in which a player is able to sense the putter is properly aligned by using lines on the heel to frame the shaft at address.

The second aspect involves the unique balance of many SeeMore putters, starting with the original. Unlike most putters up to that point, the SeeMore FGP was neither heel balanced or face balanced. It was, as the initials describe, “featuring ground plumb,” said Jim Grundberg, Seemore CEO.

SeeMore Putters - Platinum mFGP20

“The ‘featuring ground plumb’ is what we now refer to as ‘face Balanced at Impact,” he said. “It means that the putter face will naturally remain square to the natural arc of the proper putting plane at all times, naturally squaring up at the bottom of the arc.”

That familiar SeeMore head shape, which also was used in 2007 Masters and 2015 British Open wins by Zach Johnson, has been reimagined in the Platinum Series new MFGP20 head. (The “platinum” also refers to the modern 20th anniversary gift.) While the shaping on the Platinum Series MFGP20 looks similar, the update moves some of the weight from a block in the middle of the back of the head on the original to the heel and toe. That increases forgiveness, while at the same time providing a cleaner look, Grundberg said.

The MFGP20 is one of a collection of different head shapes and hosel positions in the Platinum Series lineup. The Platinum Series debuted earlier this year with the M7x blade and the M5x mallet, both with straight-in, center-shafted hosel bores and both milled from 303 stainless steel. The new models added to the Platinum Series 303 stainless steel family include the M5 HT mallet, which has a scooped out center section with heel and toe wings; the M5w HT, which features an offset shaft on the M5 HT head; the M7 Tour, which offers a more heel-shafted version of the M7x blade as well as an offset version (M7wTour); and the MTri-Mallet, a version of the M5 shape with angle cuts in the rear heel and toe portions. There’s also the SB20 Mallet, a milled 6061 aluminum, rear weighted, heel-shafted mallet that is also available in center-shafted (SB20c) and offset models (SBw20).

Platinum SB20 Mallet

“This new Platinum Series is showcasing of course our Riflescope technology, but also some different bore hole positions and shaft options for a much broader collection than what we’ve typically offered,” Grundberg said. “So many players have putted for so long with putters that have had more of a heel orientation so we wanted to showcase that the precision of our alignment system still works with both more of a heel-shafted look and an offset look.

“It really is a nice umbrella offering that will bring a lot of new players to take a look at SeeMore that maybe felt we were just too limited. We’re showing we can do more than just straight and center-shafted heads.”

The Platinum Series heads all feature an additional engraved blue line on top for a secondary source of aim and alignment. A milling pattern on the face, including aluminum inserts on the “Private Reserve” models, is designed to improve feel and roll.

The SeeMore Platinum Series putters are available in custom lengths of 30-39 inches and custom lie angles from 68-72 degrees.

SeeMore Win at French Senior Ladies

French Senior Amateur Open last week held at Biarritz Golf Club.  Didn't do very well myself but was pleased to be able to support and caddy for the winner of the Best Nett Competition.

Christine plays off 11 and uses a SeeMore FGP Original Blade.  After the first two rounds she was lying 3rd nett and asked me to spend some time with her on the putting green as kept missing the short putts.

15 minutes later doing a reminder of the set up to get the perfect position of the putter head, undertaking the clock exercise at 3ft and not one putt was missed.  Confidence boosted and the final round of less than 30 putts moved her into the winning spot.

This session prompted one of the other players from our group to look at the method and asked me for some input.  She ended up borrowing a SeeMore in her final rounds and reduced the number of putts taken.  She is now coming to see us for a custom fitting and to purchase her own.  

Christine said "Anne reminded me of the technique just before I played the final round at the Trophee Simone Thion de la Chaume Cup and what can I say it? It worked superbly well - hurrah for Seemore and Mel /Anne at Four Counties Golf."

Calum Hill

Calum got in touch with the head office in USA and as the local UK/Europe distributor for SeeMore the enquiry was forwarded to us.  Calum was sent a custom built putter that day and was great to get the following email note from him.

"I just wanted to reach out and thank you humongously for getting me the seemore putter so swiftly!!!

While I have used a different PTM1 version in the past as a training aid (didn’t put it in the bad because I would pull it), this older FGP version with the custom specs was unbelievable!

I practiced with it and it was going exactly where I wanted it to and my pace control was superb (far better than ever). I have no idea why that is but it just worked out.

I ended up putting it in the bag this week in Northern Ireland and putted brilliantly!

Without it I wouldn’t have came close to the victory this week! All down to you guys!!

Thank you again,

Calum Hill "

Staysure Senior Tour

The Shipco Masters promoted by Simon's Golf Club was the Staysure Seniors European Tour event held at the beginning of June in Denmark.  Great to see a 2nd place win for Barry Lane who used for the first time the SeeMore FGPw with a Rosemark 1.25 pink and white grip.  His specification was 69 degree lie angle and the standard 2.5 degree loft and 34" length.  

In 7th place was Paul Wesselingh who is also the SeeMore SPI centre in Switzerland, so using his knowledge and expertise with custom fitting the SeeMore method, he was able to ensure Barry's and his own SeeMore putter were perfect for the job in hand.

At the event Paul took the opportinity to also custom fit Andrew Oldcorn who has an mFGP2w on route to him, so we hope to see that in play at the next event and winning ways to continue for our SeeMore ambassadors.