Tour Fitting Centre

Forthview Golf Range Tour Fitting Studio

Stewart is fully set up as a Tour Fitting Studio.  With 25 years experience in Coaching and Custom Fitting, Stewart understands that providing a golfer with a Custom Fitted SeeMore putter is a very intricate process with lots of things to be considered when fitting a putter properly:-

Visual Bias, head shape, alignment aids, eye position, shoulder & arm structure, posture, length, lie angle, loft, face rotation, grip style/size/shape , hosel, CG Location & toe hang.

With the use of Trackman and Sam PuttLab Stewart will measure all of the relative aspects to find you the ideal putter for your game.

With a 16x6ft fully adjustable, multi-sloping green he can test you on not only straight putts but also sloping putts of up to 4%, making the whole experience as realistic as you can get.


Golf Principles - Basingstoke - Tour Fitting Studio For SeeMore Putters

SeeMore UK are pleased to announce the appointment of Golf Principles Basingstoke to the Tour Fitting Studio status.

World-class fitting experience – tour fitting studios fit and sell SeeMore putters with expert analysis and instruction from SPi certified instructors. Features the use of revolutionary interchangeable fitting system as well as stroke analysis software to identify and recommend a SeeMore putter best suited for each individual.

All Global Tour Fitting Experience locations will offer SeeMore's finest milled Platinum Series models as well as occasional tour limited models allowing golfers to experience an unmatched level of customisation and service.

All visits are by appointment only.