Todays Custom Orders

An eclectic range of putters shipping today, all custom built to SPI Centre specifications.
Si2 Straight all black shaft, 35.5", 3 loft, 70 lie, SM 95g Grip and Shamrock black headcover to Halpenny Ireland
FGP20 - 33", 2 loft, 70 lie, SM60g Grip and Black Shamrock headcover
Si2 Hosel - 34", 2.5 loft, 68 lie, Garsen Non Tapered Grip and Floating Red RST Headcover
Si5 37" Counter Balance, 2.5 loft, 70 lie, SM120g Grip and Standard black headcover, all going to Ross MacLeod Putting, and then to a customer
Tri-Mallet, 36" Counter Balance, 2.5 loft, 70 lie, all black shaft, SM120g Grip and standard headcover.