Stewart Craig Reviews m7Tour
Stewart Craig Golf reviews the m7Tour SeeMore Putter and we have had some great customer reviews as well. JimV - Just one putter - m7 Tour I'm back in the game after significant time off due to (successful!) major surgery. The onset of the pandemic saw my tour dates as a guitarist largely cancelled/postponed. I decided to rebuild my game from the ground up. The Seemore models felt best of all to me on my quest. I A/B'ed the Si2 and M7 at PGA Superstore (Irvine, CA). The Si2 gave me better scoring results on my first round with it! I've recently carded a 77 (ALL strokes counted, btw) with the Si2. But my mind kept drifting back to the M7. With a "playability" exchange and I now have the M7: more heel/toe goodness! For me, both models (straight, no plumbing) mentioned here are terrific with their feel, sound and control. As a guitarist or duffer, it's critical that things feel good in hand for best results. Seemore putters feel like a smaller 50's V-neck on a Tele or Esquire (if ya know, then ya know!). Cheers! RRR review of Platinum m7 Tour RST Hosel - RST Hosel - Brilliant SeeMore has been in my bag for over 3 years, and I cannot see a day when it won't be. Simply put, this is a small company with big reach that treats its customers like family. I like the straight in shafts, but my speed control has always been better with a plumber's neck and a little forward press. The new RST Hosel is incredible and makes all the difference for me. My third round with this putter featured an 80 foot bomb. My fourth round totaled up to 26 putts. Thank you SeeMore for building me a putter with great balance, feel, and looks. Thank you, SeeMore for making me a better putter. Wild Bill review of Platinum m7 Tour Offset - Good putter, would buy one again. would buy another if needed. (Sean Z.) - Tour quality product for the public (Platinum m7 Tour RST Hosel) Purchased with the Garsen pro quad tour grip and this thing is money! Perfect stability through each stroke and the bottom sole of the putter makes it easy to align for a fluid putt. I’ve played all high end brands but this M7 tour will be in bag for a long time!