SeeMore Win at French Senior Ladies

French Senior Amateur Open last week held at Biarritz Golf Club.  Didn't do very well myself but was pleased to be able to support and caddy for the winner of the Best Nett Competition.

Christine plays off 11 and uses a SeeMore FGP Original Blade.  After the first two rounds she was lying 3rd nett and asked me to spend some time with her on the putting green as kept missing the short putts.

15 minutes later doing a reminder of the set up to get the perfect position of the putter head, undertaking the clock exercise at 3ft and not one putt was missed.  Confidence boosted and the final round of less than 30 putts moved her into the winning spot.

This session prompted one of the other players from our group to look at the method and asked me for some input.  She ended up borrowing a SeeMore in her final rounds and reduced the number of putts taken.  She is now coming to see us for a custom fitting and to purchase her own.  

Christine said "Anne reminded me of the technique just before I played the final round at the Trophee Simone Thion de la Chaume Cup and what can I say it? It worked superbly well - hurrah for Seemore and Mel /Anne at Four Counties Golf."