Review of Fitting with Ross MacLeod

I went for a putting lesson / fitting last week with my local SeeMore affiliated pro Ross MacLeod Putting.

Ironically, I had just been having a decent run on the greens with my 34" Ping Ketsch so I was really just looking for a bit more confidence and peace of mind as much as anything.

Ross linked up my putter to his Capto system and got me to hit a few different length and breaking putts, it was on his indoor green as the Scottish weather wasn't being particularly kind that day:rolleyes:.

I knew that I had a left aim bias but not as much as the laser alignment and the system showed, in some cases when I thought I was aiming left edge it was actually more like 2 cups left, this resulted in me having a stroke that has built in a push to get the ball back on target. Ross said that I generally managed it pretty well but had the potential to be pretty inconsistent as a result.

Firstly, he got me to move my ball position much farther back, much more to the middle of my stance as this brought my left eye in front of the ball and my dominant right eye just behind the ball and just inside too. With my own putter this brought my left aim bias much more under control as a result, (within the cup on a straight putt), he also said that my stroke had too much acceleration on the through swing as a result of my back stroke being a little short. He then had me working on a longer backstroke and shorter follow through to take the acceleration out of the stroke. This is much harder to change than the ball position and remains a bit of a work in progress.

With the initial lesson done we moved on to the putter fit, he had all of the SeeMore models available and of course it was obligatory to try them all.

Apparently, being right eye dominant makes you more likely to favour a mallet, and to be honest that it was I have been playing for quite a while probably since the original 2Ball came out. So I tested the Tri Mallet, HT Mallet and the Si5 and also compared them with the FGP20 and also the Si2 Hosel and the Si3 Offset.

I have always been a fan of the RST, although until now never actually used it, it really helped me with my new ball position and I really like the confidence it gives you know the set up is correct. Interestingly I found it much easier to hide the red dot with the hosel versions as compared to conventional straight shaft versions. I also had moved to a thicker superstroke grip as I thought that helped quieten the hands in the stroke, speaking with Ross he says there is no proof beyond personal preference that is the case and I was have some success with the thinner Tour classic grip.

So after all the testing and as much as I wanted the classic Payne Stewart version, I have ended up with a 34" Si2 Hosel with 1.5 degrees of loft and the lie made a little more upright at 70 degrees and the thin tour classic grip. I ordered it on the Monday and it was in my hands by Friday and I must say whilst I didn't pick a headcover upgrade the stock one is fantastic. I cannot speak highly enough of the process and I am delighted with the club, it has had a couple of outings so far and I have had no issues moving from a mallet to a blade and am enjoying the confidence the RST is giving me.

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