Putting Practice??

But are you practicing the right thing whilst at home?  Are those drills really embedding excellence for when you get back to the putting green, or just honing bad habits!!  Could you See More putts go in by adopting the SeeMore method?  The SeeMore blog https://www.seemoreputtersblog.com/pat_obrien_/ has great insight from Pat O’Brien - SeeMore Global Ambassador and one of the world’s leading putting coaches talking about the key fundamentals of POSTURE and BALL POSITION plus GRIP and ALIGNMENT. 

Also, The Putting Couch http://www.buzzsprout.com/318260 offers something for everyone with 23 episodes of insight e.g. mindset from Dr Bob Winter, one of the world’s foremost golf focused sports phycologists and performance coaches, great tour information about both players and caddies.  Did you know Zach Johnson’s caddie Damon Green won 74 tournaments himself?