Praise indeed

We aim to be offer an efficient, helpful and informative service to all of our customers, but to get an email from our SeeMore USA after they have recieved the following on their facebook pages, makes it all worth while.

Subject: Message from on SPC Facebook page.

You judge a company, not by how things are when things are going well but how they react when things don’t. I had an issue with an old MFGP. Might be old but still number one in the bag. I emailed Seemore and they responded within 2hrs. Great as I live in the UK. The next email they responded within 20 minutes. They offered great advise and even offered to sort the issue themselves if I posted my putter. Needless to say they helped solve the issue. Don’t think you’ll get this service from many other putter companies. Certainly made me feel part of the Seemore group.  (Gary Luftkin)