PTM1 reviews from customers

John R review of PTM1 - My first Seemore putter, I fell in love with the feel immediately.
Pasztor review of PTM1 Black - Best putter I’ve ever owned
I love my PTM1. I go to my RedX2 periodically but I always come back to the Seemore. Will get a mini Giant in time.
Bill review of PTM1 Black - Wish I bought one 20 years ago.
I have been very happy the last 5 years that I have had this putter. I was fitted by Ted at their HQ in Franklin, TN and they are there after the sale to support if you have any questions or concerns. This is a 1st class product and company! The dispersion on missed putts is very narrow now compared to what I was experiencing before thanks to this great alignment system. Set an appointment to stop in when you are in the Franklin area. Well worth your time talking with them and trying SeeMore!
Dallen review of PTM1 Black - Try It, and you won't go back!
I have now owned 3 SeeMore Putters over the last 20 years. The PTM1 is the best club in my bag. Great feel off of the face and the RST makes 5 footers almost automatic.
I love this putter (Paul – PTM1 Black)
I love this putter – it’s the same as the one that Zach Johnson uses and feels fantastic. My SeeMore has helped lower my handicap substantially. I will never use another putter!
Mike S. (PTM1) 
Jim, all I can say is WOW! If I can roll the ball half as well as I am rolling it in my basement, I will save many strokes this summer! The season is rapidly approaching here in Chicago and I can’t wait. I can’t say enough about your customer service, website and ordering process, and now the product….I am sold!  Thanks for your help!  Mike