PTM1 Ordered - but checked first

The customer placed an online order for a PTM1 but looking at the Specification we didn't feel it was going to work effectively at this setup.


PTM1 FGP Black Dexterity : Right Hand
Loft : 1 degree
Head Cover : Black with Red Star
Custom Lie : 70 degrees
Head Weight : 340 grams
Custom Length : 31"
Head Material : 303 Stainless Steel - Precision Tour Milled
Counter Balance Upgrade : No
Shaft : Straight Shaft All Black
Grips : SeeMore 95g

So we contacted the customer and talked them through our thinking and asked them to firstly 100% check the length, by following our online guide of measuring from clenched knuckle to floor on both sides.  On doing this we agreed to increase the length to 32".  We then discussed the selected grip, whilst a lovely grip, at 95gramms in weight it was going to affect the balance of the putter and make the head feel very light, so we agreed that the Feeltec Lite at 42gramms was a better option.  It was a similar size for the feel in the hands but the overall balance it would give to the putter was crucial.

The customer opted for an all-black shaft upgrade which was no issue as we custom build every putter on receiving the order and the upgraded headcover of a Magnetic black with red star finished off this order.  Which we discovered was for his dad's birthday.

It was lovely to then receive an email from the customer - "Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the putter and service we have received. Please thank Melvyn for us.  I was glad he checked the length of shaft, I think it’s just perfect."

Customer Service our aim is to please and get it right for every order.