New SBc20 Broom Available

The New SeeMore SBc20 Long/Broomstick putter is the perfect putter for those golfers who have gone to a special way to putt. Made of 100 percent milled aircraft aluminum, this beautiful putter also features a milled stainless steel face insert and weights in at 464 grams. The SBc20 broomstick model also includes 2 weight ports and matches up with an accessory weight kit sold separately that allows the golfer to play with the SBc20 Broomstick at 424-440-448-464(standard)-472-484 gram options, so it offers the ultimate in a new design long putter with an amazing range of weight options to allow the golfer to hone in on the perfect weight for the perfect feel. The new SBc20 Broomstick model is for golfers who employ all of the following special styles of putting: ~ Broomstick style anchored or non-anchored ~ Side Saddle ~ Face On ~ Super Heavy *NOTE - Putter shaft does not have a black portion at the bottom of the shaft near putter head. The lie angle is at 79 degrees which is the USGA limit for conforming.