Nashville mFGP Customer Reviews

Solomon C review of Nashville Series mFGP SS Black
I’m loving my Nashville mFGP SS putter. I bought it used from about three weeks ago and it is a work of art. The RST system was intuitive and it was easy to adjust my setup and stance. I’m already putting better than ever and hope to never have another putter again. Consider me a Seemore believer! One question though: the putter was slightly shorter than advertised at 31.5” and, from past experience and the fit-guide on your site, I’m more suited to a 33” or 33.5”. I’d also prefer a thicker grip than the Quad Tour grip currently installed. I’ll send in a repair request query. I’d much rather have your team make these changes so as to not ruin the balance, feel, or magic of this putter. Thanks!
Divot review of Nashville mFGP SS Blade Black - A thing of beauty
I keep going back to my seemore putter after I try something else. I truly have 40 putters including Scotty, Ping and odyssey. The feel is unmatched. Alignment is automatic.
Big "D" review of Nashville mFGP SS Blade Black - I love my putter!
I bought my seemore putter several years ago while in Nashville, golf was rained out one day so went to Franklin to Seemore putter company and was fitted for my putter, I have really loved it, great feel and easy to line up!
Mike review of Nashville mFGP SS Blade Black - Great Putter
I got fitted at the Seemore Studio in 2016 and after it was all over, the fitter offered several putters that would work for me, some of them being good quality, but very inexpensive. I have never regretted spending the money for this milled Nashville series - it's the best!!!