Monkstown GC - a top up order

New outlets in Ireland are doing well with their custom fitting and always pleased to be able to fulfil a top order and include some training aids as well.

Cian McNamara ordered various models of the SeeMore range including Tri-Mallets, HT Mallets, Si5, FGP Mallet and also 6 of the T Stroke putting mat.  

•  Simply place the ball on one of the illustrated balls in the middle of the mat

•  Align your putter squarely to the target-line, and move your putter back and forward whilst maintaining the sweet-spot of the putter on the white ‘ARC’ line

•  The correct face rotation is indicated by the alternate red & silver lines perpendicular to the arc line

•  Use tees in the holes either side of the target-line for accuracy training and practice back & forward stroke lengths, red-to-red, silver-to-silver for tempo training.

Following ’Tour Player’ feedback we have enhanced the popular ‘ARC’ mat into an ‘all new’ black Tour-Edition to assist players of all standards visualise the movement of the putter head and sweet-spot in the putting stroke