Jean-Marc Gruner - SeeMore Stockist

Jean-Marc Grüner - ClubMaker is the top fitting specialist for SeeMore, relocating his workshop exclusively to the Golfclub München Eichenried in the winter of 2018. Not only does Jean-Marc love golf, he also makes the perfect teamwork with the golf player day after day. He wants to work with people to get the most out the their equipment and now stocking SeeMore Putters in his repertoire.

To have a custom fitting for a SeeMore Putter, especially as putting is 40% of your game will ensure you have the right length, loft and lie.  Along with the SeeMore Method of "Hide the Red Dot" which aids a consistent set up for every putt.  Take out the inconsistencies of holding the grip in different places for each putt, not setting up square and with the putter in a different position, these all contribute to an inconsistent result so a SeeMore is going to support you in reducing the number of putts per round.