I’m quite excited! says Ged Read

I shot my best ever gross today (73 against a par of 70). I know it was only the Friday morning roll up and off the yellow pots but I’ve never hit the ball so well and accurately from tee to green. My iron play (including the 5 hybrid) is finally getting close to the consistency of the driver you made for me. I also made some great putts for birdie, which I haven’t done very often in the past (my previous birdies have usually come from close approach shots or chip ins). My distance control and accuracy have both improved dramatically with the Seemore, it’s getting to the stage where I’m disappointed if I’m not holing or nearly holing the 20 footers whereas before I was almost relieved not to 3 putt.

I took a bit more care with the preparation today with my iron shots and there wasn’t a hint of them going off to the right. They all flew dead straight and it was only the quality of the strike that affected the outcome in terms of front to back dispersion.

Sorry I’ve gone on a bit but basically thank you so much, you’ve done a great job!

His Tour Edge Exotics with Accra Golf Shafts and SeeMore Putter - FGP Original are really working well.