Great reviews for FGP

Missing SeeMore Original FGP
  Good afternoon,  A few days ago, I purchased a Seemore Original FGP putter from Golf Galaxy in Littleton, CO.  Today, and without my knowledge or permission, this putter was mysteriously relocated from my golf bag and into my wife’s golf bag.  This occurred shortly after my wife used this putter for the first time during a practice session.  Reading the reviews on FGP putter, the above is a common occurrence.  Perhaps SeeMore could include a warning label on the putter to instruct husbands to check the wife’s golf bag if his putter goes missing.
  This true story is a testament to the the quality and innovation of your putters.  I just ordered a new Original FGP to replace the relocated putter.  I have only one loving and caring wife, so this replacement putter should be safe. Regard, and have a wonderful day, Malcolm H.

My wife likes it to much – Cancel Repair (Original FGP), Can you please refund me my $25 PayPal I sent over last week? Looks like my wife has taken a fancy for my FGP and will be using it going forward as is. It’s been far and away the best putter she has used and has told me in no uncertain terms that it’s never coming out of her bag! LOL! Thank you so much for all your help, and it’s looking like I’m going to have to just go and get fit for my own FGP. Is there a dealer in my area that can do a SeeMore fitting?

Stands the test of time (Original FGP Black)Tried it kind of liked it. Played 18 holes with one & it felt strongly consistent. Bought it. 11 months in it’s my favorite club. (especially since I don’t practice)

Favorite Club in My Bag – Original FGP (Pachiche)
I never imagined my club preference would go from driver to the putter. Once the foursome walks on the green I feel I have an edge.

Cody N. – My FGP is Amazing!
First off let me start by saying my FGP putter I just purchased is amazing! I’m a horrid putter, well all around bad golfer but not the point, and out of the 5 or so putters I tested your model was the best in every way! The feel, the consistency, and the weight were all what I was looking for.

David – FGP!!
Hi, I’ve finally bought myself a FGP and I am loving it! It’s only taken me 40 years to find a putter I loved this much.