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Clubmaking - Clubfitting

Whether beginners, casual golfer, amateur or professional, all have in principle the same theme: With appropriate bats, the golf game becomes easier and thus more successful. "Matching racquets" start with a basic consultation for all levels, go through the selection of "matching" components (handles, shafts, heads) and listen with the clean setting of the Lie angles.

In  indoor and Fitting Center Heimsheim You can train, test, analyze Puttbewegungen measure lay lengths and of course playing indoor golf courses.

We offer golf club construction with high-quality components specially selected for you and your game. 'One size fits all' fits in very rare cases: Take advantage of the opportunity to support through gefittete bat your game. Backed by the experience from the global ClubMaker associations ICG (International Club Makers Guild) , the IPAC (International Professional Association of Club Fitters) and GCA (Golf Club Maker Assocation, Golfsmith) the golf clubs are built according to the latest specially for you. In collaboration with Heiko Burkhard ( G1 golf teacher with the PGA of Germany and A- coach DGV / DOSB the nearby golf course ) with comprehensive advice on the material is possible up to the momentum.