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SeeMore Custom Built & Shipped

Shipping out today a great selection of custom built putters to Precision Golf Limited, Wellingborough Golf Club, Jack Charman, Chris Croucher, SeeMore Putter Company - FGP Original, Si2, HT Mallet, PCB, Tri Mallet, FGP20, FGP Mallet. #RST, #Putting

Bench to Ship - 2 days

From bench to ship in 2 days to and Paul Wesselingh, and deliveries inbound to stock us back up from SeeMore Putter Company and Diamond Golf International. Moving so quick at the moment which is great news.

Custom Build cont...

Today's shipping of SeeMore Putter Company to Forthview Golf Range m7 Tour with whistle shaft, FGP Original to Bishops Stortford Golf Club, Tri Mallet to Gloucester Golf Superstore, 9 putters - HT Mallet, FGP Original, PCB and Si2 models to Majorgolfdirect and m6 to Barriton Golf Sweden.


Building continues

The building continues, on the bench today - reshaft and custom colour for a Liverpool supporter on Honma Irons, Tour Edge Golf Exotics Pro Irons with ACCRA Golf ICWT85 shafts, Exotics CB Pro Driving Iron with KBS Golf Shafts, SeeMore Putter Company m6 with all black shaft, Hzrdus Smoke Green Tour x reshaft, Tour Edge Exotics CBX reshaft with Accra ICTW85 shafts and EX9 Tour Hybrid reshaft. Phew

Ready to ship Monday

Sunday working to ensure all our shipments are ready for the courier collection on Monday.  SPI Pack to Designer Golf - includes 2 x FGP Originals and one of them has an all black shaft, Tri Mallet with an adjustable shaft to support with custom fittings, Si2 Hosel and HT Hosel and includes a couple of groovy hardcovers, a triangulator, display board, Hide the red dot banner, SPI shirt.

Also shipping - Black Classic HT hosel with all black shaft to Ben Hallam, new pro who has joined Up To Par Management team, PCB Copper with Garsen grip and Tartan headcover to Forthview Golf Centre, Platinum Series M5HT LH to James Heath for his own use, who is one of SPI fitters and instructors at Gloucester Golf Centre.  Plus a retail sale of a SB1 Broomstick at 48inches to Devon.  Quite a week.


Sunday Building

We are keeping on top of things to ensure we can ship on Monday our SeeMore Putters orders from late last week and Vega Irons with KBS Shafts after fitting completed.  It's a Sunday but he still has a smile on his face as golf is definitely picking up at last.


On the bench to build

A Friday morning which resulted in a Left Hand Platinum Series m5HT being fitted and ordered, a Black Classic HT Hosel order for a young pro Ben Hallam and Scotland SPi order for PCB Copper.  

The Platinum M5HT is a tour designed, enhanced heel and toe weighted mallet. Designed for the player who loves the look of a sleek mallet, the M5HT combines tremendous balance and forgiveness, with a look of exceptional confidence at address. The M5HT has a beautiful Platinum finish with intricate multiple milling patterns over the entire putter, including a deep milled face for exceptional Feel and Roll. Features the new "Sniper Scope" logo, representing the ultimate in Performance, Precision, and Exclusivity that the new Platinum Series has to offer. Striking design with lasting beauty. Straight shaft. 45 degree toe hang. 100% Milled in the USA of the most expensive grade of USA made 303 Stainless steel.

The HT Mallet RST Hosel putter, is a solid stainless steel mallet offering great alignment, feel and roll, and featuring SeeMore’s Revolutionary new RST Hosel Plumber Neck Design. SeeMore’s new RifleScope Technology (RST) Plumber Neck Hosel, simplified to “RST Hosel,” is a 100% USA Machine Milled fluted barrel hosel that brings a unique approach to the classic offset plumber neck design. It enables golfers who want their hands slightly forward, and love the precise look of a classic plumber neck hosel, to take advantage of SeeMore’s patented and proven RST alignment system. By hiding the red dot, and lining up the white lines, using the lower portion of the new RST Hosel, golfers now have an exciting new option within the SeeMore lineup. The RST Hosel enters the head on a single plane angle, at 70 degrees, and the design offers an entry point of connection closer to the sweet spot than a standard plumber neck. This leads to improved feel and balance, and a more fundamentally sound stroke, as well as offering the precision alignment benefits of RifleScope Technology. The HT Mallet RST Hosel putter has maximum heel and toe weighting due to the back flange cut out, making this a very forgiving mallet, instilling a ton of confidence. The black matte finish highlights SeeMore’s patented and proven alignment system. Offset plumber neck design. 25 degree toe hang. Cast 303 stainless steel with milled face.

The PURE CENTER BLADE OR PCB is a simple, classic, pure center shafted blade and provides the great alignment and setup benefits of RifleScope Technology (RST). Straight Shaft. Face balanced. Cast 303 stainless steel now featuring a milled face. Copper PVD finish helps to reduce glare and enhance overall design.

All Putter Models Have SeeMore's Patented RifleScope Technology (RST) Alignment System, For A True Reference Point For Perfect Alignment And Set Up On Every Putt. This putter is face balanced at impact or “balanced to plane”, meaning it's dynamically balanced to the angle you putt and naturally returns to square at impact - less manipulation during the stroke to keep the putter face on the correct path.

Orders now flowing

Golf business is getting back to some level of normality and orders are starting to come in.  Shipped to Major Golf Huddersfield was nine SeeMore Putters all custom built and ready to use.  

Also shipped two custom-built orders for Dublin and options for headcover were upgraded to Groovy black magnetic.  Lots of choices on the grip options and one went for the SeeMore 75g and the other Pure Standard Blue.

Busy day building

A busy day processing putter orders for our SeeMore Putter Company products. Platinum Series, Black Classic Series including the new RST Hosel, all in progress, and run out of bench space so more to be added tomorrow.

Following the opening of our SeeMore Outlets we have seen an upturn in orders being placed as people feel confident about getting a fitting from a qualified and certified SPI Professional. Custom fitting of a putter is as critical it not more so than a driver as this club is used pretty much on every hole, unless you are lucky enough to chip in. Having the right length, loft, lie and then being able to set up consistently on every putt is what could make the difference to your game and help you to bring the number of putts down per round.

See our stockists pages to see where you can have a custom fitting and try a SeeMore.

Fathers Day Gift Idea

Fathers day is around the corner and if you are looking for ideas on what to get this year, why not order a gift voucher and let him choose from the many accessories we have on our web site.  Or he may wish to come for a custom fitting and invest in a putter with a simple method that will enable him to set up consistently for every putt.

The SeeMore method is simple and takes out many variants that a player can experience.  For example, holding the grip in the same place every time for every length of putt.  Having a good posture which enables the natural arc of the stoke to bring the putter face back square at impact, every time.  The Hide the Red Dot between the two white lines which are framed by the black shaft make this a reality.  With putting accounting for approx 40% of the game is could be the game-changer which they need.

We have putter shapes and sizes to suit the eye of every discerning golfer from Blade to Mallet, straight, offset and hosel, black and platinum models and price points to enable every golfer to find the ideal putter for them.

Latest Podcast available

PuttingU PodCast

Excerpt Episode 29 SPi Instructor, @PaulKasterGolf, Shares Great Insights On His Philosophy On Putting & More. PK is Level II Golf and Junior Certified by the @MyTPI@AimPointGolf, @KMOTION3D, @Blast_Golf  & a Level III certified Coach @SuperSpeedGolf


e-Shop Orders keep coming in

Always great to wake up in the morning and have a few e-shop orders to deal with.

Today we have shipped - Black Mallet hardcover to Hitchin and the package to Highgate includes a Tarten white, Tartan beige and a Grip.

Posted first class post on the same day so hopefully will be received before the weekend.

The Winner is....

The sun is shining on this lovely May bank holiday and Thank you to everyone who entered our latest competition to win a Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 Driver with ACCRA Golf iWood Shaft. We ran the random number generator to select the winner from all of the entries and we are pleased to announce the winner is John Flood. A slight dilemma as John is a Lefty but not a problem we cannot overcome as the driver is available in a Left-Hand version. We will be in touch with John regarding a fitting and, everyone look out for our next competition in the near future.


Putting Couch 26

Putting Couch - Episode 26 the SeeMore Putter Company TOUR team discusses all things putting with 3 time CT PGA Section teacher of the year George Connor. You don’t want to miss these fantastic insights on becoming a great putter from one of the worlds foremost putting instructors and author of the book "Drill Your Way to Great Putting".  George Connor, PGA has been teaching and coach for over 25 years. He runs Connor Golf with Farmington Woods Golf Club as his home base. He is currently working with players on the PGA LatinoAmerican Tour, PGA Tour Canada and the European Challenge Tour in addition to introducing players to the game and helping competitive players develop their golf skills. He has been named three times by the Connecticut Section PGA as the Teacher of the Year. George is a Certified Aimpoint Instructor, New Rules Golf Coach Certified and is certified by the SeeMore Putting Institute. He authored “Drill Your Way to Great Putting”.

Win a Driver

Competition to win the latest Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 Driver with an ACCRA Golf iWood Shaft closes on Friday - Get your answers through to by midnight on 22nd May and we will draw the competition on 23rd May. (Flex, Weight, Etc to be determined). This driver retails at £350, so it is a great prize.


Question - Name the 4 Tour Edge Staff players who play on the Champions Tour?


Episode 25 Putting Couch

Putting Couch - Episode 25 Dr. Bob Winters tells us that every golfer has the capability of dramatically improving their putting, their golf scores, and their enjoyment of the game. Discussion will enlighten golfers of all levels as to why many fearless young players putt "lights out" in their youth, and how any golfer at any point in their golf journey can capture that same level of magic on the greens. “Care less” about the outcome, be less “careful” to avoid undesirable outcomes, and be more “care free” in approaching each and every putt. 

Dr. Winters is one of the world’s foremost experts on performance improvement and in this episode he shares insights on how players of all levels can improve their putting through understanding the role that great confidence, great attitude, and great training and preparation play.  It only seems that putting is about 90% mental and 90% physical!  Dr. Bob will have you understanding so much about your own putting game that you will feel that he is talking right to you!

Episode 25 link

Putting Couch Episode 24

Season Two - Putting Couch - Episode 24  Pat O'Brien shares great insights into what it takes right now to start becoming the best putter you can be…including how to manage your own expectations for improved putting. Discussion includes a focus on how to incorporate some simple, fundamental drills, thoughts, concepts, and ideas into your practice routine and your golf mindset, leading to to the best putting of your life, and more fun on the course.  O’Brien is most well known as the long time putting instructor to Zach Johnson, who has used his SeeMore milled FGP to win 2 Majors, 12 PGA Tour victories, and over $45 million in career earnings. But O'Brien is a teacher and friend to players of all skill levels and you’ll love getting to know him as a regular contributor to “The Putting Couch” podcast! O'Brien is the Director of Instruction at Lakewood Country Club in Dallas, TX and is SeeMore Putter Company's Global Ambassador.  For more information on O'Brien visit Pat O'Brien On Golf.

Season 2 Putting Couch Available

Season Two - Putting Couch by SeeMore - Episode 23, the team discusses recent fitting trends in putters and the dynamics of putting, putting instruction and fitting (including insights from a recent studio fitting), They also review what golfers should be looking for and expect in the course of a good putting evaluation.  The team also discusses highlights from a few recent key studio fitting sessions, that will give any player, student, fitter, or instructor a game plan on how to start the process of taking their putting game to the next level.

Exotics EXS200 3w and SeeMore Si5 shipping

Fittings prior to shut down are being packed and luckily courier is able to collect.  

The EXS fairway metal head features premium exotic metals; a brand new United States manufactured, high-density Carpenter steel. The hyper-strength strength steel is quench-hardened, a special heating technique that takes 750 degrees to provide an extreme amount of strength while allowing for a thinner face. This cup face design allowed for Tour Edge to make the face thinner than in any previous model for a greater energy transfer.

The highperformance hexagonal Variable Face Thickness (VFT) offers multiple levels of thickness that maximize forgiveness from more points on the face, especially in the heel and toe areas.

The aerodynamics in the EXS fairway wood are greatly enhanced by new and improved wider SlipStream speed channels on the sole that create a faster clubhead speed due to smoother turf interaction.

The CG location of the EXS is positioned closer to the face for less spin, creating a trajectory that fights wind and increases roll.

The Si5 Mallet is a solid stainless steel mallet with a new milled aluminum insert for great feel and roll. The Si5 is a very pleasing mallet shape with sleek lines, instilling a ton of confidence. Great option for golfers who typically enjoy larger mallets. The Black PowderCoat finish helps to reduce glare and enhance overall design.

Alignment benefits of RifleScope Technology (RST). Straight shaft. Toe hang 15 degrees. Design and functionality is completely unique to SeeMore, with majority of weight behind center making it very easy to properly release the putter head. Cast 303 stainless steel now featuring milled face.
All SeeMore Putter Models Have SeeMore's Patented RifleScope Technology (RST) Alignment System, For A True Reference Point For Perfect Alignment And Set Up On Every Putt. SeeMore was the winning putter brand of the 2015 OPEN Championship at St. Andrews (Zach Johnson), in one of the greatest clutch putting performances in OPEN History. SeeMore putters have won 3 MAJOR Championships, also including the 2007 Masters (Zach Johnson) and the 1999 US Open (Payne Stewart).

SeeMore ordered online and shipped

Always great to wake up to an on-line order, but in current environment of near shutdown everywhere its the only way to go.  Customer ordered and self fitted against the online guide, putter then custom built to specification and packaged ready to go.

They will be able to practice in their home whilst self isolating to perfect the method used with a SeeMore Putter of "Hide the Red Dot".  

The SeeMore method is simple and is like locking radar on to target.  This video is a great reminder for you on the 5 step fitting process.


Pat O'Brien is an ambassador for SeeMore and his teaching / method takes some beating.  For the full instruction guide send us an email from the contacts page.

Look at the shop pages to see full range available.