Fathers Day Gift Idea

Fathers day is around the corner and if you are looking for ideas on what to get this year, why not order a gift voucher and let him choose from the many accessories we have on our web site.  Or he may wish to come for a custom fitting and invest in a putter with a simple method that will enable him to set up consistently for every putt.

The SeeMore method is simple and takes out many variants that a player can experience.  For example, holding the grip in the same place every time for every length of putt.  Having a good posture which enables the natural arc of the stoke to bring the putter face back square at impact, every time.  The Hide the Red Dot between the two white lines which are framed by the black shaft make this a reality.  With putting accounting for approx 40% of the game is could be the game-changer which they need.

We have putter shapes and sizes to suit the eye of every discerning golfer from Blade to Mallet, straight, offset and hosel, black and platinum models and price points to enable every golfer to find the ideal putter for them.