FGP Left Hand Customer Reviews

Ben review of Lefthand Original FGP Blade Black - Do yourself a favor and buy a SeeMore

First of all I cannot say enough about the customer service that comes with buying a SeeMore. I reached out to them on their website to ask about where I could go in my area to get fitted. As a lefty it is difficult to find left-handed putters to try off the rack. I chose a bad time to reach out as most of the shops were closing due to COVID-19. I received a response to my inquiry from the CEO and he explained that due to the virus most places were unavailable to fit me but if I was interested he would be more than happy to set up a phone call with himself or their main fitter. I set up the appointment and the main fitter called me as scheduled. That was a great experience as he asked a lot of questions and I was able to provide the necessary information. He never tried to up-sell me to a more expensive putter. He only wanted to find what would work best for my game. We settled on the Original FGP and it is hands down the best putter I have ever owned. It is very solid at impact and the ball rolls true off the face. With the face balanced at impact I know the putter face with be where it should be at impact. My distance control has also greatly improved since buying this putter. I cannot recommend this putter enough!


Brian J review of Lefthand Original FGP Blade Black - Provides Confidence and Consistency

The SeeMore putters are fantastic for people who worry about missing short putts. I consider myself a good golfer (2-4 hdcp) but I always missed short putts throughout a round. With the rifle scope technology, it guarantees your putter face is aligned and helps you make a good stroke with the proper arc. It has definitely given me confidence on putts inside 8 feet and taken strokes off my score. I would highly recommend SeeMore putters to anyone wanting to improve their putting.