Demo Event at Belton Park

We will be hosted by Belton Park Golf Club on 12 May 2019.  Starting at 11.30am through to 3.30pn.

Great opportunity for members and visitors to come along and have a custom fitting for a SeeMore Putter.  Putting is approx 40% of the game so getting the right length, loft, lie is critical.  Take the time to view the range from the Classic Series through to fully milled Platinum Series. 

It is 20 years since Payne Stuart won the 1999 US Open and the 2015 British Open Winner has been using a SeeMore since 2004 along with a number of other prominent players on the Staysure Seniors Tour, PGA and European Tour.  Putt like a champion with a SeeMore Putter!

Left and Right hand models available.