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Sandy review of Original FGP Mallet Black - Excellent Putter
From the moment I picked the putter up for the first time I was sinking putts. The feel and balance of the putter was perfect. I also found it easy to line up my putters. My confidence over the ball has increased substantially. I tried several putters in the store such as Scotty Cameron, Ping, TaylorMade etc and this putter is the one that suited my stroke and continues to do so. 
Mike review of Original FGP Mallet Black - I LOVE THIS PUTTER
I’ve been playing golf for over forty years and putting has always been the weakness part of my game. Over the years I’ve spent many thousands of dollars on new irons and new drivers while purchasing all of my numerous putters “on sale” from discount golf stores and websites. I became interested in Seemore while reviewing various putting videos on youtube. The Riflescope technology made so much sense that I decided to go ahead and give a Seemore a try.

I don’t live close to any fitters, so I purchased my Seemore using the website. I used the online fitting tool to determine the initial specs, but had some questions regarding weighting. This was on the Saturday before the fourth of July, so I used the website to send Seemore my question. Figured I’d get a canned email response in a few days. Was surprised to get a response from Jim Grundberg on Sunday morning letting me know that he’d have some one contact me on Monday to help me with my question. On Monday afternoon I received a call from one of the Seemore putter builders. He answered my questions and helped me refine my specs based on my fitting info. I followed his recommendations and placed my order that evening and had my putter in hand at the beginning of the next week.

Once I had the putter, it was time to see how it worked. While I was researching putters and while waiting for my putter to arrive I watched many of the youtube videos by Seemore and by Pat O’Brien. Based on the videos, I decided that I was going to change my setup (ball towards my front foot with a forward press with the grip in the palm) to match Pat’s recommended setup with the ball in the center of my stance and no forward press with the grip in the fingers. Using the riflescope technology was simple to do, but my initial results were not very good. My distance control was terrible. This had always been a major problem for me and was the cause of most of my three putt holes, but it seemed to be even worse with the Seemore. The good news was that I could tell every time I hit a “bad” putt by the feel of the ball on the putter. The bad putts were clearly mishits that were not centered on the face. It took several more practice sessions working on my stroke with my new putter to all but eliminate the mishits. As a result, my distance control problem all but disappeared. Regarding the Riflescope technology, my experience is that it does everything that Seemore says it does. It helps make sure that you are actually aiming your putter at the target, but more important for me is that it assures my ball position and grip are the same for every putt. For me that means that I can focus on making a good stroke which leads to consistent contact and good distance control. As an example, I remember a specific round where I wasn’t putting like normal, too many misses inside six feet. After a few holes, I realized that I was missing everything left. When I set up to the next putt I made sure to check the red dot and noticed that a tiny bit of red was showing. Checking my grip, I found that it had become slightly “stronger”. After correcting my grip and rechecking for the dot, that next putt went in and the problem was solved. In the past with my other putters I probably would have adjusted my ball position, moving it back and/or forward with inconsistent results. Now with my Seemore putter, I hardly ever three putt versus the three or four I always used to have. I make more birdies from various distances and my save percentage has more than doubled. Most importantly I’ve developed the belief that “I’m a good putter” and that’s probably the most important thing. I love this putter. I only wish I had only found it years ago.


Matty_Ice review of Original FGP Mallet Black - Great Putter, Great Quality

The perfect package of customization, quality, and price. Just a great putter. Not much else needs to be said. Solid.


Bob Schade has posted a new review of Original FGP Mallet Black - Great putter

My Original FGP Mallet putter by SeeMore is a great addition to my bag. Very easy to look at and line up to the target. Very balanced feel when swinging the putter head. Soft, consistent feel off the face.