Platinum SB20 Hosel Customer Review

Platinum SB20 Hosel - Perfect combination of a mallet and plumber neck blade!

Review: I was fit at a top fitter for a plumber neck blade putter many years ago.  I played great with it, but it was hard to ignore the high MOI designs of a more modern putter.  I have tried many times to find a putter with the same plumber neck that has the same toe hang and flow that I was fit for that also offered forgiveness; got closest with the Oslo H.  Did not care about price or brand, I tried everything.  As soon as I saw this mallet with the RST tech I immediately booked a fitting.  It turned out to be everything I hoped for and more.  Not only does it swing the same, it has ridiculous forgiveness that my blade could not provide.  My toe strikes do not lose steam like they did on my blade.

Further my right eye dominance and tendency to forward press my hands caused me to set up open with my blade. Even though it looked square it was not.  The RST tech helps me to set up square to the line, and with the same shaft lean, every time.  There’s no lingering doubt like with my blade because I trust the visual of the RST tech.  Also, as a bonus the blue alignment aid is very calming to see at address, and the long line lines up easily with the line in my ball.  

The aluminum has a soft but solid feel.  Acoustics are quiet compared to other metal faced putters.  I would equate it to a raw carbon steel putter sound.  

Finally I would like to note that it sits flat to the putting surface as I address the ball.  Some other mallets I have tried have funky soles that will rock if you don’t hold them firmly.  Sitting squarely on the ground allows me to have lighter grip pressure.  

Thanks to the team for offering this great putter!

Almost too good to tell your friends about..

Customer ordered the Mini Giant DF Stealth but wanted the white line painting in so we were happy to oblige and was great to get the following review posted into the USA blog.

REVIEW: The Mini Giant DF putter is a elegant and efficient putter.  The custom machine work is something you'll find yourself looking at regularly and finding some new detail you've not seen before.  The RST technology just makes setting up to you put extremely simple and very consistent for every putt.  Couple this with faced balanced at impact technology and really its almost like the putter does all the work for you.

I've already seen improvements in my putting stroke, path to target line accuracy and distance control.  Using the online fitting tool was very simple and gave me the perfect putter length and lie.  You can show your flare with various premium grips and headcovers.

The only mistake I made in this experience was that I didn't give a SeeMore Putter a serious look before now.  I've never enjoyed putting more than I have using the Mini Giant DF!

Disability Golfer using SeeMore

Mark is a disabled Golfer based in Scotland who plays in Scottish Disability Golf, Curling Events and is part of the “On Course Foundation”.   He started playing golf in 2015 and in 2017 he started treatment for PTSD due to serving in the British Army, and is using Golf as part of his recovery.  Mark started at 22 HCP and is now off 2 HCP and is in his first year of PGA training as he had aspirations on turning professional, which he achieved in February 2021.  Mark was custom fit by Graeme Sneddon at Greaves Sports, Glasgow and took delivery of his SeeMore FGP20 Black Classic Blade putter, built to the length of 32", 2.5 loft, and 70 lie, and fitted with an SM75g grip.  

Putting accounts for approximately 40% of the average golfer’s game and it’s the only club to come out of the bag on pretty much every hole.  So having a SeeMore Putter in the bag with its patented Rifle Scope Technology (RST) will provide the perfect alignment and set up on every putt for Mark.  RST is the visible gun sight on the top line of all SeeMore Putters allowing Mark to set up perfectly every time to the intended target line.  The two parallel white lines frame the shaft and serve as an indicator for Mark that he is in the perfect position to make a consistent and reliable stroke.

The fitting process with Graeme at Greaves Sports enabled Mark to get the right length, loft and lie because as a SeeMore Putter Institute (SPi) Fitting Centre, Graeme knows the importance and value to be gained by having the right posture, stance and grip for every putt.  We wish Mark every success with his recovery and continued journey as a PGA professional and are pleased that the SeeMore Putter is part of it.  

My Story

I thought you might like to hear about my experience with putting. I’m a retired dentist 78 years old. I’ve been playing golf for over 30 years
I have tried all sorts of putters from  Ping Anser , Scotty Cameron , Ping Armlock , Callaway Triple track … name it I’ve tried it .

Watched every video, You tube , magazines , books …… lots of lessons with PGA pros , golf schools ……….. and no lasting improvement …..UNTIL I purchased a SeeMore putter and realised that  where I was failing was simple….ALIGNMENT  and CONFIDENCE and  A SIMPLE REPEATABLE TECHNIQUE both on long and especially on puts from five feet and under.

Proof ….just won a golfing trophy in British Dental Association Golf Society tournament ..
Dr Philip Wander.   UK 

PS. I’ve purchased another indentical SeeMore Putter just in case the one I have is stolen ( by a jealous buddy ? ) or I lose it . Also have bought a SeeMore pitch repairer/marker tool 

FGP Mallet Customer Review

Phenomenal Putter! - YoCaliGolf
I was custom fit for the FGP Mallet and have had it for about a month now. From day one, the feel and the roll have felt fantastic. The head feels nice and weighty and makes it easy to putt with a nice tempo and let the club do the work. The ball feels like it pops off the face really nicely. A firm feel, but not too firm. I love it. And, the putter gives great feedback on off-center hits that lets you know you haven't hit it right, yet, the penalty for being off-center does not seem too extreme. 

The RST technology took me a little bit to get used to. At first, I was focusing too much on keeping the red dot hidden while taking my stroke. After a bit of practice, I got used to using RST to get my setup consistent before my stroke, and then once it was time to take my stroke, not worrying about the dot and just taking a smooth, confident stroke knowing the setup was right. RST helps not only consistent alignment, but seems to help with consistent roll being set up the same each time, which seems to help my distance control as well. 

The results have been great. Three puts have been greatly reduced, and holing more one puts as well. More rounds with putts in the twenties in the last month than typically have in 6 months. More rounds with no three putts as well. My golf buddies have noticed as well and commented on how my putting has been on fire. This may be my forever putter. It inspires so much confidence. 

m7 Tour Platinum review

Ben P - Took my putting to a new level

Love love love this putter with the Garsen quad tour no taper grip. I was struggling with the flat stick during 2021 then came across Seemore and their putting philosophy which helped me practice, get the set up correct and start becoming a clutch putter. Putter has a nice firm feel and I can tell when I hit the sweet spot and when I miss hit it. Combine the feel with the RST and I can tell my stroke and strike patterns are getting more consistent. During my last round I had 26 putts with 10 greens in regulation, compared to the start of my season with 13 greens in regulation and 39 putts. Thanks SeeMore and POB for getting my confidence back on the greens. 

Customers Review of Platinum m5HT

Stuart R. A satisfied customer

This is just an FYI from a happy customer. As an owner of several SeeMore putters over the years, and like a lot of avid golfers I have been searching for that "Holly Grail" Of putting.. I average around 30/31 putts a round and can manage that with most putters. I believe the place to save strokes is on and around the greens. I have been searching for a Centre shafted putter for a couple of years and romanced a few but never found the right one.. Until now!! I recently bought your PLATINUM M5 HT MALLET (P1431S) and couldnt be happier with my purchase .. The set up and alignment of this putter are perfect the weight and feel are like it was custom made just for me, that platinum material on the milled face is the perfect balance between soft and firm... 2.5 degrees of loft is perfect, Congratulations on producing such a great putter... My putts per round have been 27/28 and no higher than 30... plenty of "tap in's" 

Anyway, thanks for the tech and continued equipment improvements on your products..

Private Reserve m7X Review

Private Reserve Platinum m7x Putter Cover - Charles M

The SeeMore Putter that I purchased a year ago, has been a true “game changer” for me. 

Honestly the best putter I have ever used.  My buddies can’t believe how much my putting has improved.  I have shaved an average of 7 strokes off of my game.  The putter feels great and the alignment aid is spot-on!

I actually have three Scotty Cameron putters that I haven’t touched since my purchase of the SeeMore Private Reserve Platinum m7x putter.

I love this putter, best ever!!!

Scotty is in the closet collecting dust!

Customer Reviews Mini Giant DF

SeeMore  Mini Giant  Deep Flange  putter Review
Finally took the plunge on a putter from a company that has long interested and intrigued me.
SeeMore are the company and the putter is the Mini Giant Deep Flange
I ordered online from SeeMore UK  who are attached to Four Counties Golf Club in Staffordshire.
Having gone through the Customisation process and confirming some queries  I had with Anne Fern who is an integral part of the Seemore setup.....along with her husband, Mel Fern... who physically makes the putters  ....the whole ordering experience was a pleasure.

Lead time from order to delivery is less than a week which is excellent for a Custom ordered golf club made from scratch.
My order was for a centre shafted Mini Giant Deep flange version....which although is big,  is by no means as large a head as the original Seemore Giant model from a few years ago.
My preferences for an increased head weight over the standard offering and an upcharged high-quality grip and Headcover were all accommodated without a problem and the Putter duly arrived in a timely fashion.
The first thing I noticed when unboxing the putter was the obvious quality of the putters components and the superb build.
It is not an exaggeration to say that the putter looks stunning.
From its beautifully milled Black  head with the Copper weight inserts, to the black tipped shaft and the magnetic headcover and Garsen Ultimate grip, this putter is aesthetically extremely pleasing on the eye.

Early days yet to give a comprehensive analysis of its performance, but suffice to say the putter feels amazing in use. Due to its face balanced at impact or balanced to plane technology and Seemore's Riflescope Alignment  System the putter is doing its very best to assist you on the Greens and does so in style I must say!

There are cheaper options available on the putter market, mainly the mass produced ones from the Chinese factories that the likes of Taylor made and Callaway Odyssey use these days. Nothing necessarily wrong with that...but you know that with a Seemore putter you are getting a  made and milled in America top quality putter that is built and put together to your specification by an expert Club fitter at the Seemore UK headquarters at Four Counties Golf.

To me, a Seemore putter is a long term investment and one that  I am more than happy to pay that little bit extra for. 

Low Handicap Golfer 

Nashville mFGP2 Reviewed

 Fantastic (JonD. - THP Forum Mbr)

Been updating my other equipment testing threads but forgot this one for some reason. Haven't been unduly focusing on putting in my practice rounds lately, but that's mostly because my confidence with this putter has been there from the first roll on the course. I absolutely need the alignment help that the MFGP2 Mallet provides on the greens for me. It's literally like playing with a training aid. I'm a little annoyed with myself that I didn't go this route sooner. After struggling with the yips earlier this year I feel like this would have let me focus on stroke.

Platinum m5HT Offset reviewed

Happy Customer - Is this the One?
The 2nd putter I ever owned was a Seemore FGP. Loved the Seemore history and concept, but never was good with a blade.
My 3rd putter ever is a Z3C Nashville Studio Series. Still have it and still love it, but I'm not 100% confident on short putts (2-4'). However, I loved the milled face, the feel, the feedback, and the distance control. I always owned center-shafted putters because I'm left eye dominant and I thought that was best for me (or so I thought). I tended to push with this putter.

This week I went my local golf store to try some new putters and I was specifically looking at Scotty Cameron, Sik, Evnroll, and even some Clevelands. My intentions were to buy a Scotty, but then I saw the Platinum m5 HT Mallet Offset. This beauty did not miss from any distance and felt just like my Z3C! However, I did not buy it on the spot. After waiting an entire day I went back to try it again. It still did not miss. I didn't expect to buy another Seemore, but here I am with my 4th ever putter...a Platinum m5 HT Mallet Offset. I took it out to the course today to play 9 holes and I had a total of 12 putts. That' a 1.33 average!! Call it the honeymoon phase, call it ignorance, call it a small sample size...but I hope this putter never stops impressing!! Knock on wood...I hope I don't jinx myself. Who would have thought that all I needed in my beloved Seemore putters was a little bit of offset! I hope to never buy another putter again. This thing is a dream.


Alliance Winner Receives Putter

Was able to hand-deliver the Alliance winner of the Farm Foods Legends Senior Tour custom fit and built putter.  Jayne Fitzpatrick plays as Copt Heath Golf Club in Solihull and Anne was playing in the Midland Vets 4bbb on Monday 19th July so took the opportunity to meet Jayne to hand it over.

At the fitting held on Monday 12 July Jayne was able to try all the models, get custom fit for the right length, loft and lie and select the grip of her choice.  After putting on the mat with all the options she selected the m5HT Hosel Platinum Series with a length of 34", 69 degree lie and 2.5 degree loft and a SeeMore Design 75g grip.  The pink headcover then topped it off.  

Review of Fitting with Ross MacLeod

I went for a putting lesson / fitting last week with my local SeeMore affiliated pro Ross MacLeod Putting.

Ironically, I had just been having a decent run on the greens with my 34" Ping Ketsch so I was really just looking for a bit more confidence and peace of mind as much as anything.

Ross linked up my putter to his Capto system and got me to hit a few different length and breaking putts, it was on his indoor green as the Scottish weather wasn't being particularly kind that day:rolleyes:.

I knew that I had a left aim bias but not as much as the laser alignment and the system showed, in some cases when I thought I was aiming left edge it was actually more like 2 cups left, this resulted in me having a stroke that has built in a push to get the ball back on target. Ross said that I generally managed it pretty well but had the potential to be pretty inconsistent as a result.

Firstly, he got me to move my ball position much farther back, much more to the middle of my stance as this brought my left eye in front of the ball and my dominant right eye just behind the ball and just inside too. With my own putter this brought my left aim bias much more under control as a result, (within the cup on a straight putt), he also said that my stroke had too much acceleration on the through swing as a result of my back stroke being a little short. He then had me working on a longer backstroke and shorter follow through to take the acceleration out of the stroke. This is much harder to change than the ball position and remains a bit of a work in progress.

With the initial lesson done we moved on to the putter fit, he had all of the SeeMore models available and of course it was obligatory to try them all.

Apparently, being right eye dominant makes you more likely to favour a mallet, and to be honest that it was I have been playing for quite a while probably since the original 2Ball came out. So I tested the Tri Mallet, HT Mallet and the Si5 and also compared them with the FGP20 and also the Si2 Hosel and the Si3 Offset.

I have always been a fan of the RST, although until now never actually used it, it really helped me with my new ball position and I really like the confidence it gives you know the set up is correct. Interestingly I found it much easier to hide the red dot with the hosel versions as compared to conventional straight shaft versions. I also had moved to a thicker superstroke grip as I thought that helped quieten the hands in the stroke, speaking with Ross he says there is no proof beyond personal preference that is the case and I was have some success with the thinner Tour classic grip.

So after all the testing and as much as I wanted the classic Payne Stewart version, I have ended up with a 34" Si2 Hosel with 1.5 degrees of loft and the lie made a little more upright at 70 degrees and the thin tour classic grip. I ordered it on the Monday and it was in my hands by Friday and I must say whilst I didn't pick a headcover upgrade the stock one is fantastic. I cannot speak highly enough of the process and I am delighted with the club, it has had a couple of outings so far and I have had no issues moving from a mallet to a blade and am enjoying the confidence the RST is giving me.

 foreputt Active member - Albatross 2021 Club - JoinedJan 21, 2015, LocationGlasgow, Scotland, Handicap4

Friday at 10:44 AM



Customer Loves his Si5

My Si5 = elevated confidence and results

This was the first club fitting for me ever...a putter! The SeeMore team referred me to a local shop with a certified fitter, who after 45 minutes suggested a custom fit Si5 mallet and I opted for the Garson Quad Tour grip. For me, it looks and feels great, swings naturally and is easy for me to align. Better yet are the results. I got it last summer (2020) and have noticed improvement already. My Si5 coupled with tips from The Putting Couch podcast and Pat O'Brien videos have definitely improved my putting confidence and reduced the dreaded 3-putts. I am very far from a scratch golfer, but it is quite a feeling and very fun to stand over every putt thinking 'putt it into the hole.' And often times it does! Bottom line, I am on Team SeeMore for good. I love this putter and the RST technology!!!!! Don S.

Game Changer m7X Private Reserve

Game Changer - 5 stars - Chris comments on his m7x Private Reserve Putter

I have had this putter nearly a year. I have always kept track of my number of putts and I have gone from 2.4 per round to 1.7. This putter has a large sweet spot. The sound is solid and it produces a smooth roll. Get fitted before first.

Worthy 20th Anniversary Edition

This is the 7th SeeMore I’ve purchased for myself or immediate family. I’ve putted with numerous other putters but was always mediocre until I discovered SeeMore. I had very exact custom specs for this putter based on a SAM Puttlab fitting. SeeMore delivered my putter exactly as ordered and exceptionally fast!  The Original FGP has evolved in numerous ways since Payne Stewart’s 1999 Pinehurst U.S. Open victory:  The mFGP20 Platinum  is milled rather than cast, it has more heel-toe weighting, and weighs 10 grams more than the original.  The feel off the face is solid  even on off center hits.  I ordered mine with the Garsen Quad Tour grip which is exceptional in its own right.   I can’t say enough about this Company and about this Putter.   James


Impeccable Service says Tony

Products - SeeMore FGP20 & Giant M1t

I feel extremely fortunate to have benefitted from Melvyn’s expertise regarding two of my SeeMore putters. Lockdown restrictions were not an inhibiting factor in discussing and amending the length, lie angle and re-gripping of my SeeMore FGP20 and the Giant M1t. 

Having sent photographs of my putting posture, Melvyn was able to advise me on the necessary changes required to my putters.

Dealing with Melvyn, as an experienced club maker, I was totally confident in the advice given.

The result - The work was carried out to a faultless standard and returned to me promptly, thanks to the efficiency of Anne, the Four Counties Golf administrator. Great teamwork!

Tony Jones


Stewart Craig Reviews m7Tour
Stewart Craig Golf reviews the m7Tour SeeMore Putter and we have had some great customer reviews as well. JimV - Just one putter - m7 Tour I'm back in the game after significant time off due to (successful!) major surgery. The onset of the pandemic saw my tour dates as a guitarist largely cancelled/postponed. I decided to rebuild my game from the ground up. The Seemore models felt best of all to me on my quest. I A/B'ed the Si2 and M7 at PGA Superstore (Irvine, CA). The Si2 gave me better scoring results on my first round with it! I've recently carded a 77 (ALL strokes counted, btw) with the Si2. But my mind kept drifting back to the M7. With a "playability" exchange and I now have the M7: more heel/toe goodness! For me, both models (straight, no plumbing) mentioned here are terrific with their feel, sound and control. As a guitarist or duffer, it's critical that things feel good in hand for best results. Seemore putters feel like a smaller 50's V-neck on a Tele or Esquire (if ya know, then ya know!). Cheers! RRR review of Platinum m7 Tour RST Hosel - RST Hosel - Brilliant SeeMore has been in my bag for over 3 years, and I cannot see a day when it won't be. Simply put, this is a small company with big reach that treats its customers like family. I like the straight in shafts, but my speed control has always been better with a plumber's neck and a little forward press. The new RST Hosel is incredible and makes all the difference for me. My third round with this putter featured an 80 foot bomb. My fourth round totaled up to 26 putts. Thank you SeeMore for building me a putter with great balance, feel, and looks. Thank you, SeeMore for making me a better putter. Wild Bill review of Platinum m7 Tour Offset - Good putter, would buy one again. would buy another if needed. (Sean Z.) - Tour quality product for the public (Platinum m7 Tour RST Hosel) Purchased with the Garsen pro quad tour grip and this thing is money! Perfect stability through each stroke and the bottom sole of the putter makes it easy to align for a fluid putt. I’ve played all high end brands but this M7 tour will be in bag for a long time!
Great reviews for FGP

Missing SeeMore Original FGP
  Good afternoon,  A few days ago, I purchased a Seemore Original FGP putter from Golf Galaxy in Littleton, CO.  Today, and without my knowledge or permission, this putter was mysteriously relocated from my golf bag and into my wife’s golf bag.  This occurred shortly after my wife used this putter for the first time during a practice session.  Reading the reviews on FGP putter, the above is a common occurrence.  Perhaps SeeMore could include a warning label on the putter to instruct husbands to check the wife’s golf bag if his putter goes missing.
  This true story is a testament to the the quality and innovation of your putters.  I just ordered a new Original FGP to replace the relocated putter.  I have only one loving and caring wife, so this replacement putter should be safe. Regard, and have a wonderful day, Malcolm H.

My wife likes it to much – Cancel Repair (Original FGP), Can you please refund me my $25 PayPal I sent over last week? Looks like my wife has taken a fancy for my FGP and will be using it going forward as is. It’s been far and away the best putter she has used and has told me in no uncertain terms that it’s never coming out of her bag! LOL! Thank you so much for all your help, and it’s looking like I’m going to have to just go and get fit for my own FGP. Is there a dealer in my area that can do a SeeMore fitting?

Stands the test of time (Original FGP Black)Tried it kind of liked it. Played 18 holes with one & it felt strongly consistent. Bought it. 11 months in it’s my favorite club. (especially since I don’t practice)

Favorite Club in My Bag – Original FGP (Pachiche)
I never imagined my club preference would go from driver to the putter. Once the foursome walks on the green I feel I have an edge.

Cody N. – My FGP is Amazing!
First off let me start by saying my FGP putter I just purchased is amazing! I’m a horrid putter, well all around bad golfer but not the point, and out of the 5 or so putters I tested your model was the best in every way! The feel, the consistency, and the weight were all what I was looking for.

David – FGP!!
Hi, I’ve finally bought myself a FGP and I am loving it! It’s only taken me 40 years to find a putter I loved this much.

Customer Reviews of Mini Giant DF

Jeff B. - The BEST putter I have ever used - IMHO the Best SeeMore design too!  
The Mini Giant DF has all of the best attributes of SeeMore designs:

1)  It's Face balanced At Impact - my favorite aspect of SeeMore putters (not all have them BTW)

2) RST of course: such a great training and alignment tool

3) Forgiveness of High MOI in a mid-mallet size and shape.  It took a while to adjust to the look - compared to my old Z3c it looked huge. However, it looks much more normal when compared to other companies' high MOI putters (typically huge mallets).  The Mini Giant is essentially an FGP on steroids.  

This is such a great putter!  Forgiving, accurate, repeatable.   A stealthy killer.  Well done, SeeMore! 


B Gallagher - Are ya ready to smash some fruit!?   This putters on acid!   5/5


Jim Riley - Great putter I would tell anyone to buy one - Love the look and most of all the feel all around a great putter and everyone should be using it 


Andy W - Excellent Product - This is a very high quality product. The putter sits beautifully on the ground. The size and proportions are very pleasing to the eye. The milling and finish are both excellent. The aluminum and copper weighting gives the club great feel at impact with a firmer, muted sound. Great customer service as well. Keep it up! 

Customers Review m5HT

JB review - Platinum m5 HT Mallet - Make More Putts
Great feeling putter that is easy to line up. Can't go wrong with this one! On a side note, the guys at SeeMore are top notch and will do everything they can to help you make more putts. Get you one today!!
This putter is a game changer. (Platinum m5 HT RST Hosel)
Well, first 9 hole round (2 man scramble with my son) I played, one putted 7 greens for a total of at least 60 feet of putts. we shot 4 under!!…this is a game changer…even the putts I miss have a chance…for the first time in my life I can hit the line…you should sell a bottle of anti-inflammatory meds with each putter…my backs hurting form getting the ball out of the hole so much….thanks guys!!!!
PL review of Platinum m5 HT Mallet -Best putter I’ve owned
I bought this putter with a ton of help from the guys at SeeMore! The watched my putting video, we talked over the phone, and they helped me select the M5HT as the putter that would be a good choice.  My putting average was over two when I bough this, and now I’m down to 1.71 putts per hole! Ridiculous. That’s a FIVE STROKE REDUCTION of putts per round! I can’t say enough about the looks, the quality, the feel, consistency, and distance control! Just fantastic. If you’re in the market for a new putter, you can’t go wrong with a SeeMore, and NO OTHER putter company has the customer service SeeMore does. No one!!!
Dr. G review of Platinum m5 HT Mallet - A game changer!
A great feeling putter that has made alignment so much easier!
My Gamer NOW (Platinum m5 HT RST Hosel)
I have always been intrigued by Seemore and RST. Having used a Seemore sporadically, I seem to always circle back. Now I have found the “Gamer” I’ve been looking for in the Platinum M5 HT Mallet. Made to order through my SAMS Putter Lab results, the results on the greens are improving daily. I love the look, feel, and performance of my Seemore. (I own 3 different Seemore just in case! Lol)
My SeeMore Experience (PMookie – MyGolfSpy)

   I posted a couple times about the SeeMore putter I just bought, so since it arrived today, I wanted to make sure to share this great story of customer service! A couple months back, SeeMore posted on Instagram something to the effect that they were there to help folks with their putting. I responded with, “I need help,” and got a response to call a phone number. Turns out it was the number to the CEO, Jim Grundberg! Seriously….

   He and I talked for awhile about what my issues were, what putter I was playing, any fitting stories, where I played, and what my ultimate goal was. We then visited a bit about my experience with SeeMore in the past, and some of what is new at the company. Following the call, he emailed me and copied their Director of Tour Operations, Cody Hale, and asked Cody, in the email, to reach-out to me to be of service. So, at this point I’ve talked to the CEO, and I’m being put in-touch with their Tour guy. What?! No way!!!

   Cody emailed me and let me know he’d be busy for a bit with the Tour, but that we could get on a phone call. Once we connected, we agreed that I would get Cody some video so he could look at my swing, and then we’d go from there. It took me a few weeks to get him the video, but it didn’t matter! He got right back in-touch with me. We went back over my misses (left, and short), and how we could look to try a couple things to see if it helped. We even went over SAM results from Club Champion I still had as well so that he had the most data possible to work with.

Click HERE for full experience on  (Team SeeMore UK Offer a similar service)


PTM1 reviews from customers

John R review of PTM1 - My first Seemore putter, I fell in love with the feel immediately.
Pasztor review of PTM1 Black - Best putter I’ve ever owned
I love my PTM1. I go to my RedX2 periodically but I always come back to the Seemore. Will get a mini Giant in time.
Bill review of PTM1 Black - Wish I bought one 20 years ago.
I have been very happy the last 5 years that I have had this putter. I was fitted by Ted at their HQ in Franklin, TN and they are there after the sale to support if you have any questions or concerns. This is a 1st class product and company! The dispersion on missed putts is very narrow now compared to what I was experiencing before thanks to this great alignment system. Set an appointment to stop in when you are in the Franklin area. Well worth your time talking with them and trying SeeMore!
Dallen review of PTM1 Black - Try It, and you won't go back!
I have now owned 3 SeeMore Putters over the last 20 years. The PTM1 is the best club in my bag. Great feel off of the face and the RST makes 5 footers almost automatic.
I love this putter (Paul – PTM1 Black)
I love this putter – it’s the same as the one that Zach Johnson uses and feels fantastic. My SeeMore has helped lower my handicap substantially. I will never use another putter!
Mike S. (PTM1) 
Jim, all I can say is WOW! If I can roll the ball half as well as I am rolling it in my basement, I will save many strokes this summer! The season is rapidly approaching here in Chicago and I can’t wait. I can’t say enough about your customer service, website and ordering process, and now the product….I am sold!  Thanks for your help!  Mike

Nashville mFGP Customer Reviews

Solomon C review of Nashville Series mFGP SS Black
I’m loving my Nashville mFGP SS putter. I bought it used from about three weeks ago and it is a work of art. The RST system was intuitive and it was easy to adjust my setup and stance. I’m already putting better than ever and hope to never have another putter again. Consider me a Seemore believer! One question though: the putter was slightly shorter than advertised at 31.5” and, from past experience and the fit-guide on your site, I’m more suited to a 33” or 33.5”. I’d also prefer a thicker grip than the Quad Tour grip currently installed. I’ll send in a repair request query. I’d much rather have your team make these changes so as to not ruin the balance, feel, or magic of this putter. Thanks!
Divot review of Nashville mFGP SS Blade Black - A thing of beauty
I keep going back to my seemore putter after I try something else. I truly have 40 putters including Scotty, Ping and odyssey. The feel is unmatched. Alignment is automatic.
Big "D" review of Nashville mFGP SS Blade Black - I love my putter!
I bought my seemore putter several years ago while in Nashville, golf was rained out one day so went to Franklin to Seemore putter company and was fitted for my putter, I have really loved it, great feel and easy to line up!
Mike review of Nashville mFGP SS Blade Black - Great Putter
I got fitted at the Seemore Studio in 2016 and after it was all over, the fitter offered several putters that would work for me, some of them being good quality, but very inexpensive. I have never regretted spending the money for this milled Nashville series - it's the best!!!

Built and shipped

Orders received over the weekend were processed, built and ready to ship today for our customer.  One on behalf of Hot Golf direct to their customer who ordered a 35" Si5 with 75g SeeMore grip and two retail shop orders of FGP Mallet Copper 34" with Iomic Black grip, and an all black shaft, whilst another retail shop customer ordered the FGP Blade Copper at 34", with all black shaft, Groovy White headcover and Pure Mid Black grip.  He also wanted a T Stroke Arc putting mat to be able to practice during lockdown in his lounge on his stroke, line and arc.


Mini Giant DF Customer Review

BGallagher review of Mini GIANT Deep Flange Black - Are ya ready to smash some fruit!?   This putters on acid!   5/5

Jim Riley review of Mini GIANT Deep Flange Black - Great putter I would tell anyone to buy one.  Love the look and most of all the feel all around a great putter and everyone should be using it 

The FGP design is SeeMore’s most recognizable product, the flagship shape for the brand and the winning putter of 3 Major Championships and over 20 Tour victories. This mini Giant Deep Flange is a variation on the classic mini Giant FGP with the profile of a deeper flange. It is created using 4 sets of non adjustable copper weights in the extreme toe and heel section as well as the perimeter of the sole, for the ultimate MOI to size ratio. Milled Aluminum head weight is 350 grams. Black Finish with a Standard RST (Two White Lines and Red Dot).

All Putter Models Have SeeMore's Patented RifleScope Technology (RST) Alignment System, For A True Reference Point For Perfect Alignment And Set Up On Every Putt. This putter is FACE BALANCED AT IMPACT or “balanced to plane”, meaning it's dynamically balanced to the angle you putt and naturally returns to square at impact - less manipulation during the stroke to keep the putter face on the correct path.

Click here to view Correct use of MOi

IoM orders continue to flow

John is based in the Isle of Man and is a certified fitter for SeeMore Putters and Tour Edge Golf.  Working with us we take the specifications from his fittings and custom build all the clubs for him and then ship.

Recent orders have been for a group of ladies starting their custom journey and it has enabled John to fit the right length, loft and lie for putters and also bring together the right club head, shaft and grip for their clubs.

EXS Drivers, Fairway woods, Iron Woods, Irons all custom built with various shafts - Ventis, Rogue, Accra, KBS depending on requirements.


m5HT Customer Reviews

PL review of Platinum m5 HT Mallet -Best putter I’ve owned.  I bought this putter with a ton of help from the guys at SeeMore! The watched my putting video, we talked over the phone, and they helped me select the M5HT as the putter that would be a good choice.

My putting average was over two when I bough this, and now I’m down to 1.71 putts per hole! Ridiculous. That’s a FIVE STROKE REDUCTION of putts per round! I can’t say enough about the looks, the quality, the feel, consistency, and distance control! Just fantastic. If you’re in the market for a new putter, you can’t go wrong with a SeeMore, and NO OTHER putter company has the customer service SeeMore does. No one!!! 

Dr. G review of Platinum m5 HT Mallet - A game changer!  A great feeling putter that has made alignment so much easier!

FGP Left Hand Customer Reviews

Ben review of Lefthand Original FGP Blade Black - Do yourself a favor and buy a SeeMore

First of all I cannot say enough about the customer service that comes with buying a SeeMore. I reached out to them on their website to ask about where I could go in my area to get fitted. As a lefty it is difficult to find left-handed putters to try off the rack. I chose a bad time to reach out as most of the shops were closing due to COVID-19. I received a response to my inquiry from the CEO and he explained that due to the virus most places were unavailable to fit me but if I was interested he would be more than happy to set up a phone call with himself or their main fitter. I set up the appointment and the main fitter called me as scheduled. That was a great experience as he asked a lot of questions and I was able to provide the necessary information. He never tried to up-sell me to a more expensive putter. He only wanted to find what would work best for my game. We settled on the Original FGP and it is hands down the best putter I have ever owned. It is very solid at impact and the ball rolls true off the face. With the face balanced at impact I know the putter face with be where it should be at impact. My distance control has also greatly improved since buying this putter. I cannot recommend this putter enough!


Brian J review of Lefthand Original FGP Blade Black - Provides Confidence and Consistency

The SeeMore putters are fantastic for people who worry about missing short putts. I consider myself a good golfer (2-4 hdcp) but I always missed short putts throughout a round. With the rifle scope technology, it guarantees your putter face is aligned and helps you make a good stroke with the proper arc. It has definitely given me confidence on putts inside 8 feet and taken strokes off my score. I would highly recommend SeeMore putters to anyone wanting to improve their putting.

Tour Player Putter Custom Built

Cameron Raymond based in Ireland put in his order for a custom-built putter as a backup for his gamer and selected the Si2 Black Hosel Classic Series putter which was built with the exact specification of 34" length, 71 lie angle, and 2 degrees of loft.  Cameron also wanted an all-black shaft and the Garsen Black Quad Tour Non-tapered grip.  

Built and shipped we wish him good luck in all the tournaments he is due to play in.  

Customers review FGP Mallet

Sandy review of Original FGP Mallet Black - Excellent Putter
From the moment I picked the putter up for the first time I was sinking putts. The feel and balance of the putter was perfect. I also found it easy to line up my putters. My confidence over the ball has increased substantially. I tried several putters in the store such as Scotty Cameron, Ping, TaylorMade etc and this putter is the one that suited my stroke and continues to do so. 
Mike review of Original FGP Mallet Black - I LOVE THIS PUTTER
I’ve been playing golf for over forty years and putting has always been the weakness part of my game. Over the years I’ve spent many thousands of dollars on new irons and new drivers while purchasing all of my numerous putters “on sale” from discount golf stores and websites. I became interested in Seemore while reviewing various putting videos on youtube. The Riflescope technology made so much sense that I decided to go ahead and give a Seemore a try.

I don’t live close to any fitters, so I purchased my Seemore using the website. I used the online fitting tool to determine the initial specs, but had some questions regarding weighting. This was on the Saturday before the fourth of July, so I used the website to send Seemore my question. Figured I’d get a canned email response in a few days. Was surprised to get a response from Jim Grundberg on Sunday morning letting me know that he’d have some one contact me on Monday to help me with my question. On Monday afternoon I received a call from one of the Seemore putter builders. He answered my questions and helped me refine my specs based on my fitting info. I followed his recommendations and placed my order that evening and had my putter in hand at the beginning of the next week.

Once I had the putter, it was time to see how it worked. While I was researching putters and while waiting for my putter to arrive I watched many of the youtube videos by Seemore and by Pat O’Brien. Based on the videos, I decided that I was going to change my setup (ball towards my front foot with a forward press with the grip in the palm) to match Pat’s recommended setup with the ball in the center of my stance and no forward press with the grip in the fingers. Using the riflescope technology was simple to do, but my initial results were not very good. My distance control was terrible. This had always been a major problem for me and was the cause of most of my three putt holes, but it seemed to be even worse with the Seemore. The good news was that I could tell every time I hit a “bad” putt by the feel of the ball on the putter. The bad putts were clearly mishits that were not centered on the face. It took several more practice sessions working on my stroke with my new putter to all but eliminate the mishits. As a result, my distance control problem all but disappeared. Regarding the Riflescope technology, my experience is that it does everything that Seemore says it does. It helps make sure that you are actually aiming your putter at the target, but more important for me is that it assures my ball position and grip are the same for every putt. For me that means that I can focus on making a good stroke which leads to consistent contact and good distance control. As an example, I remember a specific round where I wasn’t putting like normal, too many misses inside six feet. After a few holes, I realized that I was missing everything left. When I set up to the next putt I made sure to check the red dot and noticed that a tiny bit of red was showing. Checking my grip, I found that it had become slightly “stronger”. After correcting my grip and rechecking for the dot, that next putt went in and the problem was solved. In the past with my other putters I probably would have adjusted my ball position, moving it back and/or forward with inconsistent results. Now with my Seemore putter, I hardly ever three putt versus the three or four I always used to have. I make more birdies from various distances and my save percentage has more than doubled. Most importantly I’ve developed the belief that “I’m a good putter” and that’s probably the most important thing. I love this putter. I only wish I had only found it years ago.


Matty_Ice review of Original FGP Mallet Black - Great Putter, Great Quality

The perfect package of customization, quality, and price. Just a great putter. Not much else needs to be said. Solid.


Bob Schade has posted a new review of Original FGP Mallet Black - Great putter

My Original FGP Mallet putter by SeeMore is a great addition to my bag. Very easy to look at and line up to the target. Very balanced feel when swinging the putter head. Soft, consistent feel off the face.

Reviews of Si5
Two great reviews advocating Custom Build capabilities with SeeMore. 
Jim M. review of Black Si5 Mallet - Only manufacturer who would customize to meet my needs
I tried to get two other putter manufactures to make me a 39 inch long putter due to previous back surgeries. Finally, I called SeeMore and Jim, their President, answered the phone. He had a putter made for me and due to the patented SeeMore system I am a better putter. I am 72 years old, play on a difficult private course in Florida, have a 13 handicap, and play at 6,600 yards. Thank you SeeMore.
Jimbo review of Black Si5 Mallet - Great price and value=results)
I had struggled with finding the right putter after having used several different brands and stiles. I won't mention the other brands but one was twice as much $$$$. I have been able to create better alignment, more consistency, and confidence with the Si5. The custom length has made a huge difference as well.
Thank You

Always lovely to receive a Thank you from a happy customer and this was sent to USA Team and copies us in.

This is a message of thanks and praise for the excellent service I have received from the Seemore Company. This relates to the following:
1. The prompt attention I received from yourself in response to my query regarding counterbalanced putters.
2. The swift communication you sent to Melvyn and Anne Fern at Four Counties Golf in England.
3. The prompt response and excellent advice from Melvyn and Anne Fern regarding various options available to me from the Seemore range of putters.
4. Following discussions with Melvyn, I decided to have my M1t Seemore putter (which I bought secondhand) fitted with a counterbalanced grip along with lie, weight and length adjustments. Using the Seemore putter fitting guide, I also ordered a new FGP20 Black model to fit my specific profile.
5. Both putters arrived today having been expertly assembled by Melvyn.
I have copied Melvyn into this e.mail and I would be grateful if you would forward my e.mail to the appropriate senior personnel at Seemore.
With thanks,
Kind regards


Tony Jones
Customer Reviews of mFGP20

Don’t over think your way out of making a putt - Swami posted a review of Platinum mFGP20 - If you have solid fundamentals, the SeeMore putter is the right tool to get you shooting lower scores. SeeMore putters have fantastic feedback. So trust your putter, your swing, and clear your mind. Hide the dot and putt away. 

T posted a review of Platinum mFGP20 - I bought an older model of this putter a year and a half ago. Very easy to use and made my alignment issues I was having very easy to fix. Would love to have a chance to be fitted for one in the future

Mike posted a review of Platinum mFGP20 - I love the See More system and it has made me a better person for it. I feel better about myself and putting better makes me forget about Covid. It has changed my life! 

Customer reviews of M7 Tour Hosel and Offset

m7Tour RST Hosel - Brilliant
SeeMore has been in my bag for over 3 years, and I cannot see a day when it won't be. Simply put, this is a small company with big reach that treats its customers like family. I like the straight in shafts, but my speed control has always been better with a plumber's neck and a little forward press. The new RST Hosel is incredible and makes all the difference for me. My third round with this putter featured an 80 foot bomb. My fourth round totaled up to 26 putts. Thank you SeeMore for building me a putter with great balance, feel, and looks. Thank you, SeeMore for making me a better putter.

m7Tour Offset - Good putter, would buy one again -, would buy another if needed.

Happy Customer

Customer's retirement present to himself.  Set of Miura TC201 Irons with Accra 105 Steel shafts and MCC Plus 4 green grips.  Tour Edge Exotics EXS220 Driver fitted with KBS TD Shaft 60 CAT 2 R Flex and MCC Plus 4 Red Grip.  He is looking forward to getting out on the golf course.


SeeMore Winner Over the Moon
Great to see Chris Haslam today the winner of the
SeeMore Putter Company
competition for him to collect his Platinum mFGP20 with all-black shaft, set up at 35.5", 68 lie, 2.5 loft and with a Red Floating RST headcover and 75g grip. Email from Chris to USA on his visit - "I just wanted to let you know that I have this morning picked up the SeeMore putter I recently won in your competition. Absolutely thrilled to bits with it!! Can't put it into words how happy I am! It looks absolutely stunning and I can't wait to get it out on the course! Really fantastic!
Anne and Melvyn at SeeMore Putters UK were absolutely brilliant. Friendly, helpful and really welcoming. They both spent some time with me and Melvyn even took the trouble to give me some tips on how I can improve my putting stroke....the practice mat beckons! They are both really great ambassadors for SeeMore.
I'll let you know how I get on with the putter, as I say I can't wait to use it! Anne took a couple of photos (scarey!) and when I have a link to them I'll share them with colleagues. I'm hoping to convert some people at my golf club to SeeMore!
Once again, very, very, very many thanks. In what has been a challenging 2020 for all of us it's great that there are guys like you out there that believe in real values and behaviours and act them out in life. Thank you!"
Busy Monday

Monday morning was a busy shipping and collection day.  New SeeMore SPI outlet Shirley Park Golf Club had their 5 pack sent to them and we welcome them on board as new SPI outlet in Croydon.  Custom fit putters on route to John Bradford - Pro based in Essex a PCB which he will be using when taking part in tour event.  To Adam Durie at Wakefield Golf Club a FGP Mallet and to Sandiway Golf Club a reshaft, new grip and groovy headcover for James Welsh.

Alongside the putters customer collected for himself - Vega Wedge with Accra iCWT i95 shaft, Tour Edge CBX forged heads 5 to PW with KBS TD shaft 50R.  And for his son, an up and coming junior collected a Tour Edge driving iron with KBS Tour V Shaft, plus the reshaft of Honma irons with KBS Tour V Shafts.

Exotics EXS PRO and SeeMore sold

The Tour Edge Exotics EXS Pro driver with KBS Shaft, EXS Pro FW 3w - 15 degrees with Tensi Shaft, EXS Pro Hybrid 19 degrees with Tensi Shaft and EXS220 FW 3 - 15 degrees with Tensi Shaft.  All bought after the fittings were completed.  The customer also fitted for a SeeMore Si2 Hosel Classic Black putter with a Garsen Taper Grip and Camouflage Magnetic Headcover.  

Si3 Customer Review

Great customer review for the SeeMore Si3 Black Classic Putter

The riflescope technology of “hiding the red dot” has always attracted me to Seemore putters. I had an original Seemore for many years, but I would switch it out for putters that were more aesthetically pleasing. Now, with the SI series, I have the best of both worlds- rifle scope and a pleasing-looking putter. I love the custom fit options that Seemore offers and their customer service is the best in the business. I never putt better than with a Seemore- no matter the look. But now that Seemore offers such a variety of putters, I will never putt with anything else again. 

Customer review of Si2

Customer reviews like this are fabulous. SeeMore Putter Company - Si2 "I've owned well over 20 putters in my career and this putter is my favorite. The feel and response you get from the putter is fantastic and it rolls where you want it to go. The guys at Seemore always give great fantastic customer service. Combining a great product and the customer service it's a win win or anyone looking for a putter. "

Excellent Service

Always pleased to receive an email from a customer we were able to help.

I have to praise your excellent customer service - I have just received the replacement putter cover through the post. Many thanks Jim and Melvyn for making the arrangements. Please consider me a very satisfied SeeMore customer. 
Kind regards,
Tom Wilkinson
Sink more Putts

As avid golfers we’ve all been there, haven’t we? For once, our golf game is on song and we’re playing really well. Perhaps it’s in the monthly medal, a club competition or just a casual game of golf with friends at the weekend after a long week at work. We might even be playing in a major… though I’m not sure that will ever happen to me! Our score card is looking promising and we make that fatal error of letting ourselves think that we’re in with a chance of getting our best ever score, perhaps even winning. And then it happens. That dreaded moment we all fear. We suddenly find ourselves faced with that key putt we’d been desperately hoping wouldn’t come our way. Yes, that 10 or 15 foot putt we know we simply have to hole in order to have a shot at that win. Earlier in the round, when the pressure was off, our putting was easy, carefree and it didn’t matter so much. Now it does. It matters a lot. Looking down at our putter, the confidence drains out of us. We begin to feel we can’t hole the putt. Well, for most of my golfing odyssey this has been me. A no-hope putter who even began to worry about getting the gimmie tap ins. I was to putting what a strawberry jelly is to building construction: useless.

Then my putting game changed for ever. Purely by chance I saw an advert for SeeMore putters. I have to be honest and admit that I’d not heard much about them. Yes, I knew that Payne Stewart had spectacularly won the 1999 US Open following a stellar putting performance, but I didn’t know that he’d done so with a SeeMore putter in his hand. Yes, I knew that Zach Johnson had won the US Masters in 2007, largely due to an exemplary performance on the greens. But, again, I didn’t realise then that he’d also achieved this amazing feat with a SeeMore putter in his hands (and did so again in style at the British Open in 2015).

Bearing this in mind, I approached my local SeeMore dealership and, after a supportive and helpful discussion regarding which putter design and set up might best suit my putting stroke, I ended up buying a milled FGP putter. With some trepidation, I set out onto my home course intrigued to see whether the very simple ‘hide the red dot’ instruction worked, or whether it was just another one of those clever advertising gimmicks dreamt up by some slick marketing agency to lure me into parting with my hard-earned cash. I come from a part of the United Kingdom which is renowned for being slightly sceptical, so I wasn’t going to be easily won over. Having drained reasonably long putts on each of the first three holes - with my playing partners looking on in a way that clearly suggested they thought I was on some form of performance enhancing medication - by the fourth hole I was a total SeeMore convert. And I can genuinely say that eleven years later I haven’t used another brand of putter other than a SeeMore. I haven’t even been remotely tempted to dabble with another make to see whether it can perform like my trusty SeeMore. I genuinely know that I won’t play another brand of putter until I’m too old to play this wonderful game of golf. In my opinion, SeeMore putters are the best kept secret in golf.

Just PR words? No, absolutely not! Now I’m not claiming that I hole every putt that I stand over, but what I definitely do know is that the SeeMore’s patented Rifle Scope Technology ensures that my setup is perfect every single time, removing variables in my alignment and putting stroke that can lead to disastrous mistakes on the greens. Having been a serial putting no-hoper, I now know that each time I hit a putt I stand a great chance of getting the ball very close or holing it. Having previously been absolutely terrified on the greens, I now actually enjoy the challenge of putting. The reason? My SeeMore putter.

Why do I love SeeMore putters so much? SeeMore putters are immaculately made of the very finest materials, and it shows. Having used my SeeMore putter for over a decade, I can confirm it still looks like it did on that very first day of use. The premium materials used in construction ensure that the feel of the ball as it comes off the club face is always sweet and sublime. Putts glide without any bumps or bobbles towards the hole like a swan sailing serenely down the river. That alone would be a clincher for many. But there’s more to a SeeMore putter, so much more. The simple but amazingly effective ‘hide the red dot’ arrangement on every SeeMore putter gives you ultimate assurance and confidence that each time you stand over a putt your club face will be square to your intended line of play. It might be simple in its design but my goodness it really works!

It’s true that SeeMore putters might cost slightly more than your average off the shelf golf store putter. But you need to remember that you’re making an investment that may mean you never need to buy another putter for the rest of your golfing career because your putting is so good. A SeeMore putter is that big a thing! SeeMore pre- and after sales service? Brilliant. Friendly, constructive and competitively priced. What more could you ask for?

So, let’s go back to my 10 to 15 footer that I used to be terrified of. Well, quite simply, I’m not afraid of them any longer. Each time I stand over my putts I now genuinely feel that I’m in with a serious chance of holing them. Isn’t that what golf should be about? With a SeeMore putter in your hands it is. Oh, and yes!, I did hole that knee jangling putt on the 18th hole in a big club competition and my name is now printed in shiny gold lettering on a board in the club house and will be there long after I’m gone. I couldn’t have done it without my fantastic SeeMore putter in my hand. I now know how Payne Stewart felt using his SeeMore putter and how Zach Johnson feels using his. Get one! I promise you won’t be disappointed and will immediately ask yourself why you hadn’t got one sooner.

Simply - sink more with a SeeMore! Chris Haslam

Hide the red dot wins out

Great to get an order from a customer's friend who tried his SeeMore Putter Company FGP Original and loved the method of hide the red dot and the consistency of set up that it gives so much, he decided to buy one for himself. Custom-built and ready to ship but which courier to use at the moment is the dilemma?

Custom build to 35", 2.5 loft and 72 lie angle where standard is normally 70 degrees, mean the head will sit flat on the ground with the set up and hands position that this player has. The flexibility of a SeeMore to have lie angle from 68 - 74 degrees and loft from 0 - 3 degrees, makes them a real custom build option.

And using the red dot on the back of all SeeMore putters and hiding it between the white lines with the shaft takes out the guess work in your set up and is like locking radar on to your target.

FGP Original Dispatched

Starting June off with the shipment of an FGP Original SeeMore Putter custom-built to 34", 70 lie, 2.5 loft and fitted with a Pure Mid Black Grip.  On route to Will Percival Europro player based in Essex.  Looking forward to getting back on to the course and hopefully some tournaments this year if CV19 pandemic allows.  If not he will definitely be practicing hard to bring his putting averages down and bed in his new putter.

SeeMore FGP blade was the winning putter of the 2015 OPEN Championship at St. Andrews (Zach Johnson), in one of the greatest clutch putting performances in OPEN History. SeeMore putters have won 3 MAJOR Championships, including the 2007 Masters (Zach Johnson) and the 1999 US Open (Payne Stewart).

Alignment benefits of RifleScope Technology (RST). Straight shaft. Full toe hang. Design and functionality are completely unique to SeeMore, with majority of weight behind center making it very easy to properly release the putter head. Cast 303 stainless steel now featuring milled face. Black powder coat finish to eliminate glare.

All Putter Models Have SeeMore's Patented RifleScope Technology (RST) Alignment System, For A True Reference Point For Perfect Alignment And Set Up On Every Putt. This putter is face balanced at impact or “balanced to plane”, meaning it's dynamically balanced to the angle you putt and naturally returns to square at impact - less manipulation during the stroke to keep the putter face on the correct path.

PTM1 FGP Ordered

E-shop order for a custom build of a PTM1 FGP Black received and despatched within 48 hours.  Customer specification of 34.5", 3 degrees loft and 70 degrees lie, and fitted with a Garsen non-Tapered grip and a Red Tartan headcover.  

The Precision Tour Milled (PTM1) is essentially the same special “tour” model that is played by the 2007 Masters Champion and 2015 OPEN Champion. Alignment benefits of RifleScope Technology (RST). Straight shaft. Full toe hang. Design and functionality are completely unique to SeeMore, with majority of weight behind center making it very easy to properly release the putter head. Starts with a stainless steel precision cast head made in the USA, and then uses CNC precision milling machines to mill the face, sole, bore hole and RST lines. Full toe hang. Twirl effect for perfect balancing as preferred on tour. Material - 303 stainless steel - black finish.

All Putter Models Have SeeMore's Patented RifleScope Technology (RST) Alignment System, For A True Reference Point For Perfect Alignment And Set Up On Every Putt. This putter is face balanced at impact or “balanced to plane”, meaning it's dynamically balanced to the angle you putt and naturally returns to square at impact - less manipulation during the stroke to keep the putter face on the correct path.

Loves his Putter
Getting the below quote from a customer always makes my day.
SeeMore make the best putters I have ever used ... and I've tried them all in a golfing career spanning 45 years! I've been using a SeeMore putter since Payne Stewart won using one in 1999 (20+ years) and am currently using an old 2007 mFGP SeeMore putter and most definitely won't change to another brand ... ever!! Simple to use, amazing feel, great balance and I've holed so many putts with them!
Best wishes and take care,
PTM1 Ordered - but checked first

The customer placed an online order for a PTM1 but looking at the Specification we didn't feel it was going to work effectively at this setup.


PTM1 FGP Black Dexterity : Right Hand
Loft : 1 degree
Head Cover : Black with Red Star
Custom Lie : 70 degrees
Head Weight : 340 grams
Custom Length : 31"
Head Material : 303 Stainless Steel - Precision Tour Milled
Counter Balance Upgrade : No
Shaft : Straight Shaft All Black
Grips : SeeMore 95g

So we contacted the customer and talked them through our thinking and asked them to firstly 100% check the length, by following our online guide of measuring from clenched knuckle to floor on both sides.  On doing this we agreed to increase the length to 32".  We then discussed the selected grip, whilst a lovely grip, at 95gramms in weight it was going to affect the balance of the putter and make the head feel very light, so we agreed that the Feeltec Lite at 42gramms was a better option.  It was a similar size for the feel in the hands but the overall balance it would give to the putter was crucial.

The customer opted for an all-black shaft upgrade which was no issue as we custom build every putter on receiving the order and the upgraded headcover of a Magnetic black with red star finished off this order.  Which we discovered was for his dad's birthday.

It was lovely to then receive an email from the customer - "Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the putter and service we have received. Please thank Melvyn for us.  I was glad he checked the length of shaft, I think it’s just perfect."

Customer Service our aim is to please and get it right for every order.

Praise indeed

We aim to be offer an efficient, helpful and informative service to all of our customers, but to get an email from our SeeMore USA after they have recieved the following on their facebook pages, makes it all worth while.

Subject: Message from on SPC Facebook page.

You judge a company, not by how things are when things are going well but how they react when things don’t. I had an issue with an old MFGP. Might be old but still number one in the bag. I emailed Seemore and they responded within 2hrs. Great as I live in the UK. The next email they responded within 20 minutes. They offered great advise and even offered to sort the issue themselves if I posted my putter. Needless to say they helped solve the issue. Don’t think you’ll get this service from many other putter companies. Certainly made me feel part of the Seemore group.  (Gary Luftkin)
Shipped to Piers Berrington - Professional

Piers Berrington - Plays on the Alps Tour and had a custom built Si5 CB built for him to use when the season gets back up and running.  Spec was - Si5 Black - 37" CB, 70 lie, 2.5 loft, SeeMore 120g grip.

The Si5 Mallet is a solid stainless steel mallet with a new milled aluminum insert for great feel and roll. The Si5 is a very pleasing mallet shape with sleek lines, instilling a ton of confidence. Great option for golfers who typically enjoy larger mallets. The Black PowderCoat finish helps to reduce glare and enhance overall design.
Alignment benefits of RifleScope Technology (RST). Straight shaft. Toe hang 15 degrees. Design and functionality is completely unique to SeeMore, with majority of weight behind center making it very easy to properly release the putter head. Cast 303 stainless steel now featuring milled face.
All SeeMore Putter Models Have SeeMore's Patented RifleScope Technology (RST) Alignment System, For A True Reference Point For Perfect Alignment And Set Up On Every Putt. SeeMore was the winning putter brand of the 2015 OPEN Championship at St. Andrews (Zach Johnson), in one of the greatest clutch putting performances in OPEN History. SeeMore putters have won 3 MAJOR Championships, also including the 2007 Masters (Zach Johnson) and the 1999 US Open (Payne Stewart). 

Young man going to use Si5w on TP Tour

A young man came for a fitting today and selected the SeeMore Si5w as his preferred putter to use on the TP Tour as he starts his golfing career.

He needed 35" length with a whistle shaft and 71 degree lie to meet his needs and specification, so a custom fit and build was a sure way to achieve this and give him the best opportunity to putt well when playing on the TP tour.  The aluminium face gave great feel and he was pleased with the process. 

Dropped another .2 off Handicap

Mary dropped me a note this morning to say she had dropped her handicap again since using the SeeMore mFGP20 platinum series putter and the simple method of Hide the Red Dot for each and every putt, whether a foot or 20 foot.  Its working and she is seeing the results come in each time she plays as there is now a consistent set up with a putter that is the right length, loft and lie and she gets instant feedback from the putter head if she can see the red dot.  

So pleased to get such great results coming through from a lady who puts in the practice time and is now off 2.1.  I'm sure we will continue to see the handicap come down.  Well Done Mary!!

Club Champ with mFGP20

10/7/19 - Great news - Earlier in the month Mary had been in touch for a bit of guidance to support her practice sessions with the putter.  Well it definitely paid off as today Mary texted me to say she had won the Wellingborough Ladies Club Championship with a 2 over gross and 1 over gross rounds and putted brilliantly.  Huge congratulations Mary from Team SeeMore.


May 2019 - Following the trying of a friends putter Mary decided to book in for a custom fitting and some guidance and advise on how to get the best out of a SeeMore Putter.  Mary took on board the session, ordered the new MFGP20 which brings the look of a classic heel and toe weighted blade to the FGP family with enhanced forgiveness. The MFGP20 blade offers a look of exceptional confidence at address, and is Face Balanced at Impact, meaning the putter head will remain square to the plane throughout the stroke. The MFGP20 has a beautiful Platinum finish with intricate multiple milling patterns over the entire putter, including a deep milled face for exceptional Feel and Roll. Features the new "Sniper Scope" logo, representing the ultimate in Performance, Precision, and Exclusivity that the new Platinum Series has to offer. Striking design with lasting beauty. Straight near center bore shaft position. Full toe hang. 100% Milled in the USA of the most expenseive grade of USA made 303 Stainless steel. Alignment benefits of RifleScope Technology (RST).

It is always great to get positive feedback in any form and an email received later that day was lovely to get.

"Just to say thanks for today, great experience and looking forward to not using my new toy too often!!!!!!!"

Alison Nicholas using M7Tour SeeMore Putter

Referral from client was great to receive and when it turned out to be Alison Nicholas the 1997 US Open Ladies Champions we were very happy to help.

Alison wanted some new clubs to be checked out for the loft and lie - umm they did need some tweaking.  With the right equipment at hand the irons were all checked and amended to meet her needs.  Alison was then interested in the Tour Edge Exotics EXS woods and irons and took the time to do a fitting with Melvyn and try them out.  Impressed she decided to have the 3 wood and 2 hybrids, all fitted with the Accra FX2 100 shafts.  Then came the putter and following a fitting and guidance again from Melvyn on the set up and use of the SeeMore Putter opted for the Platinum fully milled M7 Tour blade.



Alison’s playing career in golf spanned from 1980 to 2004 claiming 18 Professional titles establishing herself as one of Europe’s most successful players.

Taking the game up rather late at the age of 17 did not deter her in the slightest. Within 4 years she had represented Yorkshire at county level and went on to win the 1983 British Stroke play Championship before turning professional in 1984.

Her breakthrough in the professional ranks came in 1987 winning the Weetabix Ladies British Open at St Mellion. Throughout the 80’s and early 90’s Alison was a regular winner on the Ladies European Tour.

After representing Europe in the inaugural Solheim Cup in 1990 Alison was encouraged to play in America and take on the best in the world. Improving her technique under the watchful eye of Lawrence Farmer proved successful and in 1995 she won her first Tournament in America.

The highlight of her playing career was to come two years later when she was crowned 1997 US Open Champion when she held off golfing legend Nancy Lopez to win her first major. Following this success Alison was awarded the MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for services to women’s golf.

The Solheim Cup

Alison’s career has been in entwined with the Solheim Cup. Having represented Europe six times, with memorable victories in 1992, 2000 and 2003 Alison has also been heavily involved in role of Vice Captain (2003 & 2005) and Captain (2009 & 2011).

The events at Killeen Castle in September 2011 saw Alison captain the European Team to a dramatic and memorable victory over the Americans. The 15 – 13 win by Europe has been described as one of the greatest matches in the history of golf.

Smiles Galore from Customer

Always good to have a happy customer. Ged Read picked up his Tour Edge Golf Exotics CBX CB irons with ICWT85 ACCRA Golf shafts, PURE Grips DTX grips, EXS Hybrid with Accra FX100 shaft, and SeeMore Putter Company FGP Original. The bag is ready for the season. Enjoy!


Customer Happy and Winning

11 Handicaper Christine received her brand new SeeMore FGP20 platinum on Tuesday 7th May.  Takes it out on the course for the medal after a few putts on the putting green and scores a fabulous gross 78.  Christine came for a custom fitting and took on the advise given by Melvyn for setup, posture and it certainly paid dividends.  Christine posted on Facebook :

Here it is !!!! My wonderful new SeeMore Putter ( still needs a name - any suggestions?). First outing yesterday and it was fantastic- 4 over par at WHGC. Thanks to Mel/Anne at Four Counties Golf. Great club and great technical advice - don’t ask about the measuring tape at 10.5 inches.

Christine is no longer 11 handicap and is on the road to her target of single figures.  Good luck - remember the method and putt with confidence.


SeeMore Win at French Senior Ladies

French Senior Amateur Open last week held at Biarritz Golf Club.  Didn't do very well myself but was pleased to be able to support and caddy for the winner of the Best Nett Competition.

Christine plays off 11 and uses a SeeMore FGP Original Blade.  After the first two rounds she was lying 3rd nett and asked me to spend some time with her on the putting green as kept missing the short putts.

15 minutes later doing a reminder of the set up to get the perfect position of the putter head, undertaking the clock exercise at 3ft and not one putt was missed.  Confidence boosted and the final round of less than 30 putts moved her into the winning spot.

This session prompted one of the other players from our group to look at the method and asked me for some input.  She ended up borrowing a SeeMore in her final rounds and reduced the number of putts taken.  She is now coming to see us for a custom fitting and to purchase her own.  

Christine said "Anne reminded me of the technique just before I played the final round at the Trophee Simone Thion de la Chaume Cup and what can I say it? It worked superbly well - hurrah for Seemore and Mel /Anne at Four Counties Golf."

Loves SeeMore Got Another One

When a customer loves the SeeMore Method and product they are quite happy to keep adding to their collection.  Max ordered a MFGP Nashville SS Deep Flange with a specification of 35.25 inches, 71 lie angle, 2.5 degree loft and he then also added a White Tartan head cover and Iomic Black grip with 4 tape wraps.  

Order received 3/5 and it was custom built and despatched with us getting the following email from Max on 7/5.

"Just wanted to let you know my putter arrived today. I've just been putting with inside on my putting mat, but as far as I can tell it seems perfect! Thank you very much again for the fast service! Max"

So pleased we can meet the exacting needs of our customers and deliver the service we strive to achieve.

Bought M1t

Customer emailed us to ask advise about getting a SeeMore Putter fitting.  Was prepared to travel over 2 hours to get to us as wanted to see the range of putters on offer before making a decision.  He thought he knew roughly what he wanted but was prepared to try the models before deciding.

Fitting was undertaken to determine correct length and he then took up his posture, which was pretty good, with eyes over the back of the putter and putter head in the middle of the stance.  So it came down to him trying out the different head styles and materials.  With a different feel available because of head materials Frank took his time to find the one he was most comfortable with.

Fitting completed and decision made, Frank was pleased to have the Giant M1t putter built and shipped to him within 48 hours.  It wasn't a putter that had been on his radar originally, but the fitting gave him the full options to choose from.  Lovely feedback received.

"It has just arrived and looks beautiful.  Shame I can't use it on grass until the snow clears. A big thank you to you and Melvyn for your splendid service."

Tour Mini Giant Pleasing customer

Putter arrived and is a absolute beauty.  (SeeMore Tour Mini Giant 34 inches with Tartan White Head Cover and Rosemark 1.52 Blue Grip)

First report from putting matt at home is its almost cheating, very nice soft feel and the grip is great.

Re size it doesn't appear massive but then again I deliberately haven't compared it to my other putters 

Will play Monday and see how it goes, then decide if I need to paint the rifle scopes as not very clear inside the house. 

Again thanks for great service and product 

Peter Cybulski 

Paul McKechnie Very Happy

I went to see Scott Clelland today at Hayston Golf Club and was delighted with the outcome, first class fit. 

Just wanted to thank you again for pointing me in the right direction and also for offering to build the putter so quickly! Great service.

Many thanks,  Paul McKechnie.

Switzerland Customer

I don’t get much opportunity to play much golf these days. so I can only now inform you about my new putter.  Thanks to the Riflescope system, my putting has become very solid especially over shorter putts and has just about eliminated three-putting; is it more confidence or the system? Who knows but it doesn’t really matter, the putts go in!

Many of my playing partners are also intrigued, so maybe when I have some time I’ll do the certification programme.

In any case, many thanks for your patience and professionalism.

Kind regards from Switzerland,

Justin Happy

Just wanted to say that I actually got out onto the course this week to use my SeeMore putter; well, it passed it’s first test with flying colours  and hope to have a long history with the putter!
Many thanks,

Richard Rodgers - Happy with new SeeMore

Received my first ever Seemore putter today. Went for the original FGP and all I can say is WOW. This baby is so easy to align. I know there are folks out there who collect Seemore stuff, but if this FGP performs as well on the greens as it does on my lounge carpet I can't really see me buying another putter. Thank you for all the advice the other day Melvyn.

New SeeMore in the bag

Tweet from @JWSWindowsLtd on his new SeeMore putter used for the first time and that it was custom fit by Melvyn at Four Counties Golf. 

A very satisfied Customer

I wanted to write to say I love my new SeeMore Giant FGP putter which I acquired recently.  I first saw the club in a pro shop last December in the KLGC (ie the Kuala Lumpur  Golf Club), I had a couple of practise swings in the pro shop and liked the feel.

I came back to London (where I live), read up about SeeMore putters, their unique alignment system and toyed with the idea of switching from my Scotty Cameron putter.

After doing my own research, I spoke several times in great detail to Melvyn Fern (your agent / distributor here in the UK), who was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable about your products and the art of putting, he convinced me to drop my Scotty Cameron and  buy the SeeMore Giant FGP putter.

Melvyn  then asked for :-  my measurements, my putting style ie stance & grip etc, what kind of grip I would like on the club and proceeded to assemble the Giant FGP putter to meet my specific requirements.

The putter was delivered to my house within two days and enclosed with the putter, was Pat O'Brien's teaching video (which is great). Not only that,  Melvyn kindly gave me a follow up call after I received the putter, asking if I was happy with my new putter - which I was and still am !

Melvyn Fern is a fabulous ambassador for your company / product (he really is). The world of golf could certainly do with a few more people like Melvyn Fern - he is a real asset to your company and product.

With the fantastic alignment mechanism, I am so much more confident in my putting strokes now and I have already cut the number of putts quite significantly off my game.  The regular people that I  play golf with at my golf club  & society have been asking all kinds of questions about my SeeMore putter - of course I am spreading the good word for you !

Best wishes,  Kam Chat

Viola Golf - Italy

New SPi Centre, Viola Golf are a new addition to the SeeMore Putter outlets who are able to custom fit the range of putters available.