Customer Reviews of Mini Giant DF

Jeff B. - The BEST putter I have ever used - IMHO the Best SeeMore design too!  
The Mini Giant DF has all of the best attributes of SeeMore designs:

1)  It's Face balanced At Impact - my favorite aspect of SeeMore putters (not all have them BTW)

2) RST of course: such a great training and alignment tool

3) Forgiveness of High MOI in a mid-mallet size and shape.  It took a while to adjust to the look - compared to my old Z3c it looked huge. However, it looks much more normal when compared to other companies' high MOI putters (typically huge mallets).  The Mini Giant is essentially an FGP on steroids.  

This is such a great putter!  Forgiving, accurate, repeatable.   A stealthy killer.  Well done, SeeMore! 


B Gallagher - Are ya ready to smash some fruit!?   This putters on acid!   5/5


Jim Riley - Great putter I would tell anyone to buy one - Love the look and most of all the feel all around a great putter and everyone should be using it 


Andy W - Excellent Product - This is a very high quality product. The putter sits beautifully on the ground. The size and proportions are very pleasing to the eye. The milling and finish are both excellent. The aluminum and copper weighting gives the club great feel at impact with a firmer, muted sound. Great customer service as well. Keep it up!