Customer Loves his Si5

My Si5 = elevated confidence and results

This was the first club fitting for me ever...a putter! The SeeMore team referred me to a local shop with a certified fitter, who after 45 minutes suggested a custom fit Si5 mallet and I opted for the Garson Quad Tour grip. For me, it looks and feels great, swings naturally and is easy for me to align. Better yet are the results. I got it last summer (2020) and have noticed improvement already. My Si5 coupled with tips from The Putting Couch podcast and Pat O'Brien videos have definitely improved my putting confidence and reduced the dreaded 3-putts. I am very far from a scratch golfer, but it is quite a feeling and very fun to stand over every putt thinking 'putt it into the hole.' And often times it does! Bottom line, I am on Team SeeMore for good. I love this putter and the RST technology!!!!! Don S.