Bought M1t

Customer emailed us to ask advise about getting a SeeMore Putter fitting.  Was prepared to travel over 2 hours to get to us as wanted to see the range of putters on offer before making a decision.  He thought he knew roughly what he wanted but was prepared to try the models before deciding.

Fitting was undertaken to determine correct length and he then took up his posture, which was pretty good, with eyes over the back of the putter and putter head in the middle of the stance.  So it came down to him trying out the different head styles and materials.  With a different feel available because of head materials Frank took his time to find the one he was most comfortable with.

Fitting completed and decision made, Frank was pleased to have the Giant M1t putter built and shipped to him within 48 hours.  It wasn't a putter that had been on his radar originally, but the fitting gave him the full options to choose from.  Lovely feedback received.

"It has just arrived and looks beautiful.  Shame I can't use it on grass until the snow clears. A big thank you to you and Melvyn for your splendid service."