New Headcover Styles for Mini Giant Putter

New in stock magnetic putter headcovers to fit the Mini Giant, Deep Flange and Giant FGP Putter.

The Red with Floating RST and Black with Grey Floating RST are just the finishing touches for this magnificent putter.

Platinum SB20 Hosel Customer Review

Platinum SB20 Hosel - Perfect combination of a mallet and plumber neck blade!

Review: I was fit at a top fitter for a plumber neck blade putter many years ago.  I played great with it, but it was hard to ignore the high MOI designs of a more modern putter.  I have tried many times to find a putter with the same plumber neck that has the same toe hang and flow that I was fit for that also offered forgiveness; got closest with the Oslo H.  Did not care about price or brand, I tried everything.  As soon as I saw this mallet with the RST tech I immediately booked a fitting.  It turned out to be everything I hoped for and more.  Not only does it swing the same, it has ridiculous forgiveness that my blade could not provide.  My toe strikes do not lose steam like they did on my blade.

Further my right eye dominance and tendency to forward press my hands caused me to set up open with my blade. Even though it looked square it was not.  The RST tech helps me to set up square to the line, and with the same shaft lean, every time.  There’s no lingering doubt like with my blade because I trust the visual of the RST tech.  Also, as a bonus the blue alignment aid is very calming to see at address, and the long line lines up easily with the line in my ball.  

The aluminum has a soft but solid feel.  Acoustics are quiet compared to other metal faced putters.  I would equate it to a raw carbon steel putter sound.  

Finally I would like to note that it sits flat to the putting surface as I address the ball.  Some other mallets I have tried have funky soles that will rock if you don’t hold them firmly.  Sitting squarely on the ground allows me to have lighter grip pressure.  

Thanks to the team for offering this great putter!