January Custom Fit-Build orders

Although we were away for a few weeks in January, we have been able to process custom-fit orders and get them built and shipped within 3 weeks!!
FGP20 - 35", lie 72, loft 3, SM75 grip, Cross Stitch magnetic headcover - Ross MacLeod Putting
FGP Mallet - 33", lie 68, loft 4, SM95 grip - Peterborough Milton GC
FGP20 - uncut, All Black Shaft, lie 70, loft 3, SM95 grip - Precision Golf
Si2w - 35", lie 71, loft 1, All Chrome Whistle Shaft - Designer Golf
Si5 - 36", lie 71, loft 1, All Black Shaft - Desiigner Golf
FGP20 - 35.5", lie 71, loft 3, SM95 grip, Groovy Black Magnetic headcover - Stewart Craig Golf
FGP Mallet - 35", lie 71, loft 2.5, SM95 grip - Stewart Craig Golf
Nashville MFGP2 SS Mallet - 33.25", lie 70, loft 2.5, Tour Classic grip - Cannington Golf Centre
FGP Mallet - 34", lie 70, loft 2.5, SM95 grip, Groovy Black Headcover - Finchley GC
FGP20 - uncut, lie 67, loft 2.5, SM95 grip - Tyneside Golf Club
Si5 - 35", lie70, loft 2.5, SM120 grip - Piltdown GC
FGP20 - 35", lie 70, loft 2.5, SM95 grip - Piltdown GC
Si2 - 34", lie 68, loft 1, All Black Shaft, Garsen Tapered Grip, Red Tartan headcover - Halpenny
FGP20 - 34.5", lie 70, loft 2.5, SM75 - Glen Gorse GC
FGP20 - 35", lie 71, loft 1, - Designer Golf
Si2 Hosel - 35", lie 71, loft 1 - Designer Golf
Mini Giant Deep Flange - 36.5", lie 70, loft 2.5, White lines and Red dot added to Stealth model - Sycamore Golf Centre
HT Mallet - 34", lie 71, loft 4, All Black Shaft, SM75 Blue grip, Black with Floating RST Magnetic headcover - Ross MacLeod Putting
Nashville One SS - 34", lie 71, loft 2.5, All Black Shaft, Garsen Tapered grip - Rother Valley
Platinum SBc20 - 33", lie 68, loft 3, SM95 grip - Stewart Craig Golf
Platinum SBc20 - 37", lie 69, loft 3, All Black Shaft, Superstroke Traxion 3.0XL grip - Stewart Craig Golf


Almost too good to tell your friends about..

Customer ordered the Mini Giant DF Stealth but wanted the white line painting in so we were happy to oblige and was great to get the following review posted into the USA blog.

REVIEW: The Mini Giant DF putter is a elegant and efficient putter.  The custom machine work is something you'll find yourself looking at regularly and finding some new detail you've not seen before.  The RST technology just makes setting up to you put extremely simple and very consistent for every putt.  Couple this with faced balanced at impact technology and really its almost like the putter does all the work for you.

I've already seen improvements in my putting stroke, path to target line accuracy and distance control.  Using the online fitting tool was very simple and gave me the perfect putter length and lie.  You can show your flare with various premium grips and headcovers.

The only mistake I made in this experience was that I didn't give a SeeMore Putter a serious look before now.  I've never enjoyed putting more than I have using the Mini Giant DF!