FGP Mallet Customer Review

Phenomenal Putter! - YoCaliGolf
I was custom fit for the FGP Mallet and have had it for about a month now. From day one, the feel and the roll have felt fantastic. The head feels nice and weighty and makes it easy to putt with a nice tempo and let the club do the work. The ball feels like it pops off the face really nicely. A firm feel, but not too firm. I love it. And, the putter gives great feedback on off-center hits that lets you know you haven't hit it right, yet, the penalty for being off-center does not seem too extreme. 

The RST technology took me a little bit to get used to. At first, I was focusing too much on keeping the red dot hidden while taking my stroke. After a bit of practice, I got used to using RST to get my setup consistent before my stroke, and then once it was time to take my stroke, not worrying about the dot and just taking a smooth, confident stroke knowing the setup was right. RST helps not only consistent alignment, but seems to help with consistent roll being set up the same each time, which seems to help my distance control as well. 

The results have been great. Three puts have been greatly reduced, and holing more one puts as well. More rounds with putts in the twenties in the last month than typically have in 6 months. More rounds with no three putts as well. My golf buddies have noticed as well and commented on how my putting has been on fire. This may be my forever putter. It inspires so much confidence. 

Custom Fit sales for 2 weeks
Every SeeMore Putter Company putter is custom-fit and then built to specifications for our SeeMore Putter Institute outlets.
Ross MacLeod Putting, Rye Golf Club, Wellsgreen Golf Range, Designer Golf Ltd, Greaves Sports, Kemnay Pro Shop - Simon Hanson Golf, Andy Gorman - The Putting & ShortGame Specialist, Ballyneety Driving Range, Flempton Golf Club, Forthview Golf Range, Cannington Golf Club. Orders over the last couple of weeks:-
Si2, 33", lie 70, loft 2.5, SM60 grip
m6 Platinum, 35.5", lie 70, loft 2.5, SM60 grip
HT Mallet, 35", lie 71, loft 3.5, Garsen parallel grip, Black Floating RST Magnetic headcover
Si5, 33.5", lie 68, loft 2.5, Red pure standard, Groovy White Magnetic headcover
FGP20, 32", lie 70, loft 2.5, SM75 grip
Si3, 35", lie 72, loft 3, SM75 grip, Red Floating RST Magnetic headcover
PCB, 35.5", lie 72, loft 2.5, SM75 Red grip, Cross Stitch Quilted Magnetic headcover
Si2w offset, lie 71, loft 1, SM60g grip
HT Mallet, 34", lie 71, loft 3, SM75g Red grip, Red Floating RST Magnetic headcover
Si3, 33.5", lie 72, loft 3.5, SM75g Red grip, Red Cross Stitch Magnetic headcover
FGP Mallet, 37", lie 70, loft 2.5, SM75 grip
FGP20, 35", lie70, loft 2.5, SM60
mFGP2SS, 33.25", lie 70, loft 2.5, Tour Classic grip
m7 Tour Platinum review

Ben P - Took my putting to a new level

Love love love this putter with the Garsen quad tour no taper grip. I was struggling with the flat stick during 2021 then came across Seemore and their putting philosophy which helped me practice, get the set up correct and start becoming a clutch putter. Putter has a nice firm feel and I can tell when I hit the sweet spot and when I miss hit it. Combine the feel with the RST and I can tell my stroke and strike patterns are getting more consistent. During my last round I had 26 putts with 10 greens in regulation, compared to the start of my season with 13 greens in regulation and 39 putts. Thanks SeeMore and POB for getting my confidence back on the greens. 

Customers Review of Platinum m5HT

Stuart R. A satisfied customer

This is just an FYI from a happy customer. As an owner of several SeeMore putters over the years, and like a lot of avid golfers I have been searching for that "Holly Grail" Of putting.. I average around 30/31 putts a round and can manage that with most putters. I believe the place to save strokes is on and around the greens. I have been searching for a Centre shafted putter for a couple of years and romanced a few but never found the right one.. Until now!! I recently bought your PLATINUM M5 HT MALLET (P1431S) and couldnt be happier with my purchase .. The set up and alignment of this putter are perfect the weight and feel are like it was custom made just for me, that platinum material on the milled face is the perfect balance between soft and firm... 2.5 degrees of loft is perfect, Congratulations on producing such a great putter... My putts per round have been 27/28 and no higher than 30... plenty of "tap in's" 

Anyway, thanks for the tech and continued equipment improvements on your products..

Wellsgreen Golf Range Offering SeeMore

Welcome on board as a new SeeMore SPi Fitting centre to Wellsgreen Golf Range, Leven, Fife.  Stewart and Scott are able to offer custom fitting of the SeeMore Range of putters and their starter pack of putters are on route to get them going.  
All Putter Models Have SeeMore's Patented RifleScope Technology (RST) Alignment System, For A True Reference Point For Perfect Alignment And Set Up On Every Putt.

Hosel Custom Fit Sales grow

In the SeeMore range are a number of heads that can be built with the Hosel offering.  The Si2, Si3, Si5 and HT Mallet all off this option as the red dot is in a position to still be hidden by the shaft. 

 SeeMore’s new RifleScope Technology (RST) Plumber Neck Hosel, simplified to “RST Hosel,” is a 100% USA Machine Milled fluted barrel hosel that brings a unique approach to the classic offset plumber neck design. It enables golfers who want their hands slightly forward, and love the precise look of a classic plumber neck hosel, to take advantage of SeeMore’s patented and proven RST alignment system. By hiding the red dot, and lining up the white lines, using the lower portion of the new RST Hosel, golfers now have an exciting new option within the SeeMore lineup. The RST Hosel enters the head on a single plane angle, at 70 degrees, and the design offers an entry point of connection closer to the sweet spot than a standard plumber neck. This leads to improved feel and balance, and a more fundamentally sound stroke, as well as offering the precision alignment benefits of RifleScope Technology. 

New SPI Kevin Chorley of ChorleyGolf

Kevin Chorley of ChorleyGolf, Bromley, Kent is coming on board as a new SeeMore SPi Centre.  The initial order for the Black Classic Series of putters will start him off along with a great selection of the Groovy headcovers and Grips to custom fit against.  Kevin is also taking the Fit Click package of Platinum and Nashville Series Putters which will be delivered over the coming weeks from USA.

The Golf Store by All Square - Luxembourg

We welcome on board The Golf Store by All Square based in Luxembourg as a SeeMore SPi Centre.  Taking into stock after this initial delivery of an mFGP2 Mallet specifically ordered for a customer at 34", 70 lie, 2.5 loft with a SM75g grip and two magnetic headcovers the White Groovy and Blue Groovy.  

Stock shipping today of the Platinum Series mFGP20, SB20c.  The Private Reserve m7X and Nashville Series mFGP, mFGP2 and Giant FGP.

FGP Mallet to Rye Golf Club

Custom-fit completed by Rye Golf Club and SeeMore FGP Mallet custom-built to 37", 70 lie, 2.5 loft, with SM75g grip and standard headcover.

Custom fitting ensures the right length, loft, and lie are achieved for the customer who can then take full advantage of the rifle scope technology.


Llandrindod Wells custom fitting going well

New to the SeeMore Team, Philip Davies from Llandrindod Wells is getting off to a great start with his custom fittings.  Today's order was for a SeeMore Black Classic Si5 and SM75g grip. He undertook the fitting and was able to fulfil from stock by cutting down and gripping himself and then placed the order to replace it to ensure he has options available for the customers when they book the fittings.  Good stock levels with us mean we were able to build and ship within a couple of days.


Jeff Wright Tour Player - Si2

Custom fit and coached by Stewart Craig, Director of Instruction at Forthview the order for an Si2, 33.5", 71 lie, Garsen Tapered Grip and Cross Stitch Magnetic Headcover was on its way to Jeff Wright within a couple of days.  Sent directly as he is based some 4 hours from Stewart.  

FGP Original Review

Testimonial from Golfwrx member - Millsaps D. - Original FGP
I have an Original FGP model SeeMore that has been in and out of my bag for years and today it is going back in. I have had some alignment issues and, duh, this putter fixes that for the most part. I can't ever remember why I take the SeeMore out but it is typically down to wanting to see something different which rarely yields the desired results for a sustained period of time and then leads me, inevitably, back to my SeeMore. Such is life. The disease of more. 

Littlestone GC stock up with SeeMore

Littlestone Golf Club placed a stock order which was shipped today.  Taking in the FGP20, PCB. Si2, Si5 and HT Mallet, Nick will be in a great position to advise customers on the different shape heads available in the Black Classic Series of SeeMore Putters.