Custom Putter Orders continue to go out

Orders over the last week have included custom-fit and built putters for Halpenny Ireland - a Black Classic HT Mallet at 35", 70 lie, 2.5 loft with Golf Pride Tour Classic Grip.  For Gary Vickers at Tyneside Golf Club the shipping of two FGP20 36" putters with Feeltec o/size lite and SM60g grips and for Ross Macleod Golf in Scotland Si5, 35", 2 loft, 70 lie, SeeMore Design 95g grip and Groovy magnetic Black with grey floating RST headcover.

All orders are received and shipped within 5 working days.  :-)

Customer Reviews Mini Giant DF

SeeMore  Mini Giant  Deep Flange  putter Review
Finally took the plunge on a putter from a company that has long interested and intrigued me.
SeeMore are the company and the putter is the Mini Giant Deep Flange
I ordered online from SeeMore UK  who are attached to Four Counties Golf Club in Staffordshire.
Having gone through the Customisation process and confirming some queries  I had with Anne Fern who is an integral part of the Seemore setup.....along with her husband, Mel Fern... who physically makes the putters  ....the whole ordering experience was a pleasure.

Lead time from order to delivery is less than a week which is excellent for a Custom ordered golf club made from scratch.
My order was for a centre shafted Mini Giant Deep flange version....which although is big,  is by no means as large a head as the original Seemore Giant model from a few years ago.
My preferences for an increased head weight over the standard offering and an upcharged high-quality grip and Headcover were all accommodated without a problem and the Putter duly arrived in a timely fashion.
The first thing I noticed when unboxing the putter was the obvious quality of the putters components and the superb build.
It is not an exaggeration to say that the putter looks stunning.
From its beautifully milled Black  head with the Copper weight inserts, to the black tipped shaft and the magnetic headcover and Garsen Ultimate grip, this putter is aesthetically extremely pleasing on the eye.

Early days yet to give a comprehensive analysis of its performance, but suffice to say the putter feels amazing in use. Due to its face balanced at impact or balanced to plane technology and Seemore's Riflescope Alignment  System the putter is doing its very best to assist you on the Greens and does so in style I must say!

There are cheaper options available on the putter market, mainly the mass produced ones from the Chinese factories that the likes of Taylor made and Callaway Odyssey use these days. Nothing necessarily wrong with that...but you know that with a Seemore putter you are getting a  made and milled in America top quality putter that is built and put together to your specification by an expert Club fitter at the Seemore UK headquarters at Four Counties Golf.

To me, a Seemore putter is a long term investment and one that  I am more than happy to pay that little bit extra for. 

Low Handicap Golfer 

Nashville mFGP2 Reviewed

 Fantastic (JonD. - THP Forum Mbr)

Been updating my other equipment testing threads but forgot this one for some reason. Haven't been unduly focusing on putting in my practice rounds lately, but that's mostly because my confidence with this putter has been there from the first roll on the course. I absolutely need the alignment help that the MFGP2 Mallet provides on the greens for me. It's literally like playing with a training aid. I'm a little annoyed with myself that I didn't go this route sooner. After struggling with the yips earlier this year I feel like this would have let me focus on stroke.

Putters in stock and delivered

Hot Golf, Llandrindod Wells Golf Club, Peterborough Milton Golf Club, Sycamore Golf Centre, Ross MacLeod Golf SeeMore Putters have all placed orders and had putters custom built and shipped to fulfil orders and to put into stock this week.

Hot Golf put 15 Putters into stock covering FGP Mallet, PCB, Tri Mallet, Si5 Mallet, Si2 Blade, LH FGP20 Blade, Tri Mallet Copper, FGP Mallet Copper, PCB Copper and also taken great range of Magnetic Groovy Headcovers.

Llandrindod Wells Golf Club come on board as new SPI centre and taken PCB, FGP20, Si3, Si5 and Si2 Hosel as initial pack.

Peterborough Milton Golf Club ordered PCB for customer and an own use FGP Mallet

Sycamore Golf Centre ordered custom built FGP20 for customer and Ross MacLeod ordered for his customer a mTri Mallet Platinum.  

All in stock and built and shipped within 5 working days.

New SPI Centre in Wales

Welcome on board to Philip Davies based at Llandrindod Wells Golf Club as a new SeeMore SPI Centre.  Custom fitting SeeMore Putters to enable members and players to get the right putter at the right length, loft and lie and have it custom built to their specifications.

Customer Orders mFGP20

Customer came to us for a fitting on Thursday and ordered an mFGP20 which was custom built to his specification of 33.5", 68 lie, 2.5 loft, with Sm75g Blue grip and Black Groovy headcover.  Shipped on Monday direct to him.  

Platinum m5HT Offset reviewed

Happy Customer - Is this the One?
The 2nd putter I ever owned was a Seemore FGP. Loved the Seemore history and concept, but never was good with a blade.
My 3rd putter ever is a Z3C Nashville Studio Series. Still have it and still love it, but I'm not 100% confident on short putts (2-4'). However, I loved the milled face, the feel, the feedback, and the distance control. I always owned center-shafted putters because I'm left eye dominant and I thought that was best for me (or so I thought). I tended to push with this putter.

This week I went my local golf store to try some new putters and I was specifically looking at Scotty Cameron, Sik, Evnroll, and even some Clevelands. My intentions were to buy a Scotty, but then I saw the Platinum m5 HT Mallet Offset. This beauty did not miss from any distance and felt just like my Z3C! However, I did not buy it on the spot. After waiting an entire day I went back to try it again. It still did not miss. I didn't expect to buy another Seemore, but here I am with my 4th ever putter...a Platinum m5 HT Mallet Offset. I took it out to the course today to play 9 holes and I had a total of 12 putts. That' a 1.33 average!! Call it the honeymoon phase, call it ignorance, call it a small sample size...but I hope this putter never stops impressing!! Knock on wood...I hope I don't jinx myself. Who would have thought that all I needed in my beloved Seemore putters was a little bit of offset! I hope to never buy another putter again. This thing is a dream.