Alliance Winner Receives Putter

Was able to hand-deliver the Alliance winner of the Farm Foods Legends Senior Tour custom fit and built putter.  Jayne Fitzpatrick plays as Copt Heath Golf Club in Solihull and Anne was playing in the Midland Vets 4bbb on Monday 19th July so took the opportunity to meet Jayne to hand it over.

At the fitting held on Monday 12 July Jayne was able to try all the models, get custom fit for the right length, loft and lie and select the grip of her choice.  After putting on the mat with all the options she selected the m5HT Hosel Platinum Series with a length of 34", 69 degree lie and 2.5 degree loft and a SeeMore Design 75g grip.  The pink headcover then topped it off.  

Review of Si2 by customer

I bought the Si2 because of the more traditional look at address over the PTM2 that I have. I love my PTM but the Si2 is just different in a good way. My putts/round has decreased since putting it in play and I don't see it leaving my bag anytime soon. Shout out to Brandon at SeeMore as well for all the help getting it dialed in to my stroke over email. SeeMore’s customer service can’t be beat. 


New Outlet Temple Golf Club

Welcome on board to the new SPi Centre Temple Golf Club - Hurley, Berks.  Professional Michael Whitby and assistant Vlad are on board to custom fit SeeMore Putters.  With the putter accounting for approx 40% of the game having a custom fit putter built to the exact loft, lie and length for you as an individual could be that difference you are looking for.

With models available in blade, small and large mallets, offset, straight or hosel options there will be a putter suitable for your eye and Michael will be pleased to support you in making the right choice.  The simple HIDE THE RED DOT Method which is on every SeeMore Putter makes putting with a SeeMore a simple, consistent and repeatable method for every putt.

Europro Tour Players in for a fitting

Visit from a number of Europro Tour Players today and custom fitting of the SeeMore Putter was the top priority, along with the introduction to the SeeMore Method with the following putters being built for them.

Dong Won had an mFGP2 at 34", 70 lie, 2.5 loft and a Garsen grip
Abs Mawji decided on the Si2 Hosel, 34.5", 71 lie, 2.5 loft
Lewis Thake went for the HT Mallet Hosel, 34", 70 lie, 2.5 loft and
Jack Quilligan preferred the M7 Tour, 35", 68 lie and 2.5 loft.

We wish all the guys the best of luck with their playing schedule this year.


Customer Review SBc20 Platinum

Jody Review: Sorry Scotty

I went into Club Champion with an open mind for a putter fitting but was also sure I’d be walking out with a Scotty. After an hour I narrowed it down to 3 choices Scotty Phantom x12, Taylormade Spider ex and SeeMore SBc20.

I went in thinking I needed a putter with toe hang, nope, face balanced.

The SeeMore has a beautiful soft feel off of the face and the backstroke is smooth as butter with the incredible balance, this along with the follow through and holding upon finish makes for a very happy golfer.

I am definitely holing more putts than with my old Scotty blade. Oh and this putter was $129 less than the other two.

Thanks SeeMore!