Scotland Custom Fit Centers - busy

Very busy week shipping custom fit and built putters for SeeMore Putter outlets Ross MacLeod Putting, Rodger Clarke at Golf Dedication Centre, HotGolf, Gregor Wright,  Ron McLeod's Golf Shop and Rother Valley Golf Centre.

Tri mallet, FGP20, FGP Mallet, Si5, PCB, FGP Original, Garsen grips, Groovy Headcovers.  Scotland definitely getting back into golf and custom fittings

Wow busy busy busy

What a busy few days building and shipping 16 SeeMore Putter Company to Gerald Friz, Golf+IT, myclubmaker GmbH, 10 putters to Totgolf Club Maker, 5 putters to MicrodClubFitter, 3 putters to Golf- und Landclub Holledau. Wow a good start to reopening.

Montrose Golf Links new SPi Centre

Shipping today to our New SeeMore SPI outlet at Montrose Golf Links.  This will enable Jason Boyd the professional to undertake custom fitting against the SeeMore method.  With a range of putters including Small and Large Mallets as well as blades and the new Hosel offering, he will be set up to enable customers to try a good selection of the range.

Todays Custom Orders

An eclectic range of putters shipping today, all custom built to SPI Centre specifications.
Si2 Straight all black shaft, 35.5", 3 loft, 70 lie, SM 95g Grip and Shamrock black headcover to Halpenny Ireland
FGP20 - 33", 2 loft, 70 lie, SM60g Grip and Black Shamrock headcover
Si2 Hosel - 34", 2.5 loft, 68 lie, Garsen Non Tapered Grip and Floating Red RST Headcover
Si5 37" Counter Balance, 2.5 loft, 70 lie, SM120g Grip and Standard black headcover, all going to Ross MacLeod Putting, and then to a customer
Tri-Mallet, 36" Counter Balance, 2.5 loft, 70 lie, all black shaft, SM120g Grip and standard headcover.

Customer Loves his Si5

My Si5 = elevated confidence and results

This was the first club fitting for me ever...a putter! The SeeMore team referred me to a local shop with a certified fitter, who after 45 minutes suggested a custom fit Si5 mallet and I opted for the Garson Quad Tour grip. For me, it looks and feels great, swings naturally and is easy for me to align. Better yet are the results. I got it last summer (2020) and have noticed improvement already. My Si5 coupled with tips from The Putting Couch podcast and Pat O'Brien videos have definitely improved my putting confidence and reduced the dreaded 3-putts. I am very far from a scratch golfer, but it is quite a feeling and very fun to stand over every putt thinking 'putt it into the hole.' And often times it does! Bottom line, I am on Team SeeMore for good. I love this putter and the RST technology!!!!! Don S.

Game Changer m7X Private Reserve

Game Changer - 5 stars - Chris comments on his m7x Private Reserve Putter

I have had this putter nearly a year. I have always kept track of my number of putts and I have gone from 2.4 per round to 1.7. This putter has a large sweet spot. The sound is solid and it produces a smooth roll. Get fitted before first.