Custom Orders shipped

Custom orders shipped today were:
SeeMore Black Classic FGP Mallet - 33" 2.5 deg loft, 73 deg lie with Pure Mid Red grip and Black velcro headcover
SeeMore Platinum m5HT Whistle - 35.5", 2.5 deg loft, 71 lie with All Black Shaft, Garsen non Tapered grip and Black velcro headcover
SeeMore FGP Mallet - 33.5", 2.5 deg loft, 70 lie with SeeMore 75g grip and Black velcro headcover

Plus two groovy headcover orders - Shamrock Black magnetic, m5 Pink Mallet and a Blue Groovy Magnetic.  

Busy Monday and opening for custom fittings from 12 April.

New SPI - Gregor Wright Golf

Welcome on board to SeeMore SPi Centre - Gregor Wright at King James VI Golf Club, Moncreiffe Island, Perth, Scotland.  "A Jewel in Perth's Crown" the words of Perth Provost, John Hulbert describes perfectly the stunning attraction which awaits golfers of all standards. 

The Golf Club was Founded in 1858 nearby at Perth's South Inch, but relocated to its current home on  Moncreiffe Island  in  1897, making it one of the oldest surviving Golf Clubs in the UK. Purpose-built, and believed to be the only Inland Island Golf Course in the country, it was designed by 'Old' Tom Morris, the legendary winner of multiple British Open Golf Championships.  With a warm welcome assured, the facilities at the club make it a very popular venue for casual visitors and visiting golf societies alike.

Worthy 20th Anniversary Edition

This is the 7th SeeMore I’ve purchased for myself or immediate family. I’ve putted with numerous other putters but was always mediocre until I discovered SeeMore. I had very exact custom specs for this putter based on a SAM Puttlab fitting. SeeMore delivered my putter exactly as ordered and exceptionally fast!  The Original FGP has evolved in numerous ways since Payne Stewart’s 1999 Pinehurst U.S. Open victory:  The mFGP20 Platinum  is milled rather than cast, it has more heel-toe weighting, and weighs 10 grams more than the original.  The feel off the face is solid  even on off center hits.  I ordered mine with the Garsen Quad Tour grip which is exceptional in its own right.   I can’t say enough about this Company and about this Putter.   James


Now thats custom build

When we say custom build that is what we mean.  On the bench in process at the moment are putters with very different specifications.  Some with PVD Tip shafts, some with all black and an all chrome offset shaft.  There is then one that is having a heavy internal hosel to add weight to the head and a tour lock weight in the grip and that is without the loft and lie angles on the putters being varied across them as well.

Si5 offset - 33.5", 3 degree loft, 70 lie and 75g grip
Si2 Hosel - 34", 2.5 degree loft, 70 lie and 75g grip
FGP Mallet - 34", 2.5 degree loft, 70 lie and 75g grip
Si3 offset - 34", 2.5 degree loft, 70 lie and 60g grip
Tri Mallet - 34", 2.5 degree loft, 70 lie and 95g grip
FGP20 - 34" 2.5 degree loft, 70 lie and 75g grip
HT Mallet - 32" - 1 degee loft, 71 lie and 60g grip

With putting equating to approx 40% of your game being custom fit and then having the putter custom built to specification is a no-brainer.

test anne

testing anne

Ladies Burgundy 870



Some text here as well

Impeccable Service says Tony

Products - SeeMore FGP20 & Giant M1t

I feel extremely fortunate to have benefitted from Melvyn’s expertise regarding two of my SeeMore putters. Lockdown restrictions were not an inhibiting factor in discussing and amending the length, lie angle and re-gripping of my SeeMore FGP20 and the Giant M1t. 

Having sent photographs of my putting posture, Melvyn was able to advise me on the necessary changes required to my putters.

Dealing with Melvyn, as an experienced club maker, I was totally confident in the advice given.

The result - The work was carried out to a faultless standard and returned to me promptly, thanks to the efficiency of Anne, the Four Counties Golf administrator. Great teamwork!

Tony Jones


Builth Wells Golf Club on board as SPi

Warm welcome to Simon Edwards, Professional at Builth Wells Golf Club as our latest SeeMore SPI Centre.  Simon is a certified fitter for the SeeMore method and is taking delivery of this fitting and demo pack to enable him to start to FIT-TEACH-SELL the SeeMore Method.


The course is set in the quiet, picturesque Mid Wales countryside and is located close to the final resting place for the Prince of Wales, Llywelyn ap Gruffudd and his rumoured 3000 strong army in 1282. Those who honour the memory of Llywelyn's soldiers are grateful that their final resting place was so close to the golf course and that the natural beauty of the area has been carefully preserved. The golf course and scenery are stunning, match this with smooth, true putting surfaces and it is easy to see why the course is highly regarded.


Win a SeeMore Black Classic

To be in with a chance of winning one of three great prizes all you have to do is send us a review /testimonial to

Your Review/Testimonial can be for any items you have bought from us, for example your SeeMore Putter, Irons, Woods, Driver, Fitting process etc.  To qualify each entry must include the following information:

Product Name/Service 

What is/was good about it

What makes/made it special for you 

Your name

Three entries will be randomly selected on Friday 5th March, with a chance to win:

1. Custom fit Black Classic SeeMore Putter

2. T- Stoke Putting Arc Mat and SeeMore Cap

3. Triangulator Alignment aid and Poker Chip Ball Marker

We look forward to working with you in 2021 and we will soon be back on the golf course.


Custom Order built

Custom Order received on Monday and shipped to a customer today.  They selected a SeeMore Black Classic Tri Mallet in RH at a length of 34.5", loft 2.5 degrees, and lie angle of 71 degrees, which is all achievable because of the internal hosel.  They then added an All Black Shaft, Garsen Tapered grip and Black Velcro headcover.

Stewart Craig Reviews m7Tour
Stewart Craig Golf reviews the m7Tour SeeMore Putter and we have had some great customer reviews as well. JimV - Just one putter - m7 Tour I'm back in the game after significant time off due to (successful!) major surgery. The onset of the pandemic saw my tour dates as a guitarist largely cancelled/postponed. I decided to rebuild my game from the ground up. The Seemore models felt best of all to me on my quest. I A/B'ed the Si2 and M7 at PGA Superstore (Irvine, CA). The Si2 gave me better scoring results on my first round with it! I've recently carded a 77 (ALL strokes counted, btw) with the Si2. But my mind kept drifting back to the M7. With a "playability" exchange and I now have the M7: more heel/toe goodness! For me, both models (straight, no plumbing) mentioned here are terrific with their feel, sound and control. As a guitarist or duffer, it's critical that things feel good in hand for best results. Seemore putters feel like a smaller 50's V-neck on a Tele or Esquire (if ya know, then ya know!). Cheers! RRR review of Platinum m7 Tour RST Hosel - RST Hosel - Brilliant SeeMore has been in my bag for over 3 years, and I cannot see a day when it won't be. Simply put, this is a small company with big reach that treats its customers like family. I like the straight in shafts, but my speed control has always been better with a plumber's neck and a little forward press. The new RST Hosel is incredible and makes all the difference for me. My third round with this putter featured an 80 foot bomb. My fourth round totaled up to 26 putts. Thank you SeeMore for building me a putter with great balance, feel, and looks. Thank you, SeeMore for making me a better putter. Wild Bill review of Platinum m7 Tour Offset - Good putter, would buy one again. would buy another if needed. (Sean Z.) - Tour quality product for the public (Platinum m7 Tour RST Hosel) Purchased with the Garsen pro quad tour grip and this thing is money! Perfect stability through each stroke and the bottom sole of the putter makes it easy to align for a fluid putt. I’ve played all high end brands but this M7 tour will be in bag for a long time!
Customer Review of SB20

Mikepete review of Platinum SB20 Offset Mallet - Amazing putter, consistent, amazing feel

I have been using this putter for 6 months, I am a true believer in how the dot can make you a more consistent putter, I have a spider putter as well and this is better. Feel consistency and looks


Great reviews for FGP

Missing SeeMore Original FGP
  Good afternoon,  A few days ago, I purchased a Seemore Original FGP putter from Golf Galaxy in Littleton, CO.  Today, and without my knowledge or permission, this putter was mysteriously relocated from my golf bag and into my wife’s golf bag.  This occurred shortly after my wife used this putter for the first time during a practice session.  Reading the reviews on FGP putter, the above is a common occurrence.  Perhaps SeeMore could include a warning label on the putter to instruct husbands to check the wife’s golf bag if his putter goes missing.
  This true story is a testament to the the quality and innovation of your putters.  I just ordered a new Original FGP to replace the relocated putter.  I have only one loving and caring wife, so this replacement putter should be safe. Regard, and have a wonderful day, Malcolm H.

My wife likes it to much – Cancel Repair (Original FGP), Can you please refund me my $25 PayPal I sent over last week? Looks like my wife has taken a fancy for my FGP and will be using it going forward as is. It’s been far and away the best putter she has used and has told me in no uncertain terms that it’s never coming out of her bag! LOL! Thank you so much for all your help, and it’s looking like I’m going to have to just go and get fit for my own FGP. Is there a dealer in my area that can do a SeeMore fitting?

Stands the test of time (Original FGP Black)Tried it kind of liked it. Played 18 holes with one & it felt strongly consistent. Bought it. 11 months in it’s my favorite club. (especially since I don’t practice)

Favorite Club in My Bag – Original FGP (Pachiche)
I never imagined my club preference would go from driver to the putter. Once the foursome walks on the green I feel I have an edge.

Cody N. – My FGP is Amazing!
First off let me start by saying my FGP putter I just purchased is amazing! I’m a horrid putter, well all around bad golfer but not the point, and out of the 5 or so putters I tested your model was the best in every way! The feel, the consistency, and the weight were all what I was looking for.

David – FGP!!
Hi, I’ve finally bought myself a FGP and I am loving it! It’s only taken me 40 years to find a putter I loved this much.

Customer Reviews of Mini Giant DF

Jeff B. - The BEST putter I have ever used - IMHO the Best SeeMore design too!  
The Mini Giant DF has all of the best attributes of SeeMore designs:

1)  It's Face balanced At Impact - my favorite aspect of SeeMore putters (not all have them BTW)

2) RST of course: such a great training and alignment tool

3) Forgiveness of High MOI in a mid-mallet size and shape.  It took a while to adjust to the look - compared to my old Z3c it looked huge. However, it looks much more normal when compared to other companies' high MOI putters (typically huge mallets).  The Mini Giant is essentially an FGP on steroids.  

This is such a great putter!  Forgiving, accurate, repeatable.   A stealthy killer.  Well done, SeeMore! 


B Gallagher - Are ya ready to smash some fruit!?   This putters on acid!   5/5


Jim Riley - Great putter I would tell anyone to buy one - Love the look and most of all the feel all around a great putter and everyone should be using it 


Andy W - Excellent Product - This is a very high quality product. The putter sits beautifully on the ground. The size and proportions are very pleasing to the eye. The milling and finish are both excellent. The aluminum and copper weighting gives the club great feel at impact with a firmer, muted sound. Great customer service as well. Keep it up!