Customers Review m5HT

JB review - Platinum m5 HT Mallet - Make More Putts
Great feeling putter that is easy to line up. Can't go wrong with this one! On a side note, the guys at SeeMore are top notch and will do everything they can to help you make more putts. Get you one today!!
This putter is a game changer. (Platinum m5 HT RST Hosel)
Well, first 9 hole round (2 man scramble with my son) I played, one putted 7 greens for a total of at least 60 feet of putts. we shot 4 under!!…this is a game changer…even the putts I miss have a chance…for the first time in my life I can hit the line…you should sell a bottle of anti-inflammatory meds with each putter…my backs hurting form getting the ball out of the hole so much….thanks guys!!!!
PL review of Platinum m5 HT Mallet -Best putter I’ve owned
I bought this putter with a ton of help from the guys at SeeMore! The watched my putting video, we talked over the phone, and they helped me select the M5HT as the putter that would be a good choice.  My putting average was over two when I bough this, and now I’m down to 1.71 putts per hole! Ridiculous. That’s a FIVE STROKE REDUCTION of putts per round! I can’t say enough about the looks, the quality, the feel, consistency, and distance control! Just fantastic. If you’re in the market for a new putter, you can’t go wrong with a SeeMore, and NO OTHER putter company has the customer service SeeMore does. No one!!!
Dr. G review of Platinum m5 HT Mallet - A game changer!
A great feeling putter that has made alignment so much easier!
My Gamer NOW (Platinum m5 HT RST Hosel)
I have always been intrigued by Seemore and RST. Having used a Seemore sporadically, I seem to always circle back. Now I have found the “Gamer” I’ve been looking for in the Platinum M5 HT Mallet. Made to order through my SAMS Putter Lab results, the results on the greens are improving daily. I love the look, feel, and performance of my Seemore. (I own 3 different Seemore just in case! Lol)
My SeeMore Experience (PMookie – MyGolfSpy)

   I posted a couple times about the SeeMore putter I just bought, so since it arrived today, I wanted to make sure to share this great story of customer service! A couple months back, SeeMore posted on Instagram something to the effect that they were there to help folks with their putting. I responded with, “I need help,” and got a response to call a phone number. Turns out it was the number to the CEO, Jim Grundberg! Seriously….

   He and I talked for awhile about what my issues were, what putter I was playing, any fitting stories, where I played, and what my ultimate goal was. We then visited a bit about my experience with SeeMore in the past, and some of what is new at the company. Following the call, he emailed me and copied their Director of Tour Operations, Cody Hale, and asked Cody, in the email, to reach-out to me to be of service. So, at this point I’ve talked to the CEO, and I’m being put in-touch with their Tour guy. What?! No way!!!

   Cody emailed me and let me know he’d be busy for a bit with the Tour, but that we could get on a phone call. Once we connected, we agreed that I would get Cody some video so he could look at my swing, and then we’d go from there. It took me a few weeks to get him the video, but it didn’t matter! He got right back in-touch with me. We went back over my misses (left, and short), and how we could look to try a couple things to see if it helped. We even went over SAM results from Club Champion I still had as well so that he had the most data possible to work with.

Click HERE for full experience on  (Team SeeMore UK Offer a similar service)


Customers Review FGP Mallet

Greg K review of Original FGP Mallet Black

Tried a SeeMore for the first time at Rodger Dunn Golf shop. I sank more putts and was way more accurate with the SeeMore than I was with Scotty Cameron; Odyssey; Bettinardi; and Ping. I was so impressed with the ease of alignment and accuracy, that I purchased the Classic FGP mallet. I get to test it on the course this weekend and cant wait. I feel it is going to save me at least 3-5 strokes!


Sandy review of Original FGP Mallet Black - Excellent Putter

From the moment I picked the putter up for the first time I was sinking putts. The feel and balance of the putter was perfect. I also found it easy to line up my putters. My confidence over the ball has increased substantially. I tried several putters in the store such as Scotty Cameron, Ping, TaylorMade etc and this putter is the one that suited my stroke and continues to do so.


Mike review of Original FGP Mallet Black - I LOVE THIS PUTTER

   I’ve been playing golf for over forty years and putting has always been the weakness part of my game. Over the years I’ve spent many thousands of dollars on new irons and new drivers while purchasing all of my numerous putters “on sale” from discount golf stores and websites. I became interested in Seemore while reviewing various putting videos on youtube. The Riflescope technology made so much sense that I decided to go ahead and give a Seemore a try.

   I don’t live close to any fitters, so I purchased my Seemore using the website. I used the online fitting tool to determine the initial specs, but had some questions regarding weighting. This was on the Saturday before the fourth of July, so I used the website to send Seemore my question. Figured I’d get a canned email response in a few days. Was surprised to get a response from Jim Grundberg on Sunday morning letting me know that he’d have some one contact me on Monday to help me with my question. On Monday afternoon I received a call from one of the Seemore putter builders. He answered my questions and helped me refine my specs based on my fitting info. I followed his recommendations and placed my order that evening and had my putter in hand at the beginning of the next week.

   Once I had the putter, it was time to see how it worked. While I was researching putters and while waiting for my putter to arrive I watched many of the youtube videos by Seemore and by Pat O’Brien. Based on the videos, I decided that I was going to change my setup (ball towards my front foot with a forward press with the grip in the palm) to match Pat’s recommended setup with the ball in the center of my stance and no forward press with the grip in the fingers. Using the riflescope technology was simple to do, but my initial results were not very good. My distance control was terrible. This had always been a major problem for me and was the cause of most of my three putt holes, but it seemed to be even worse with the Seemore. The good news was that I could tell every time I hit a “bad” putt by the feel of the ball on the putter. The bad putts were clearly mishits that were not centered on the face.

   It took several more practice sessions working on my stroke with my new putter to all but eliminate the mishits. As a result, my distance control problem all but disappeared. Regarding the Riflescope technology, my experience is that it does everything that Seemore says it does. It helps make sure that you are actually aiming your putter at the target, but more important for me is that it assures my ball position and grip are the same for every putt. For me that means that I can focus on making a good stroke which leads to consistent contact and good distance control. As an example, I remember a specific round where I wasn’t putting like normal, too many misses inside six feet. After a few holes, I realized that I was missing everything left. When I set up to the next putt I made sure to check the red dot and noticed that a tiny bit of red was showing. Checking my grip, I found that it had become slightly “stronger”. After correcting my grip and rechecking for the dot, that next putt went in and the problem was solved. In the past with my other putters I probably would have adjusted my ball position, moving it back and/or forward with inconsistent results.

   Now with my Seemore putter, I hardly ever three putt versus the three or four I always used to have. I make more birdies from various distances and my save percentage has more than doubled. Most importantly I’ve developed the belief that “I’m a good putter” and that’s probably the most important thing. I love this putter. I only wish I had only found it years ago.


Matty_Ice review of Original FGP Mallet Black - Great Putter, Great Quality

The perfect package of customization, quality, and price. Just a great putter. Not much else needs to be said. Solid.


Bob Schade has posted a new review of Original FGP Mallet Black - Great putter

My Original FGP Mallet putter by SeeMore is a great addition to my bag. Very easy to look at and line up to the target. Very balanced feel when swinging the putter head. Soft, consistent feel off the face.


Great Improvement - FGP Mallet

I bought your Original FGP Mallet putter on Saturday after a terrible putting day. Today I made putt after putt! My friends said they have never see me putt like this before. One guy said I was ON FIRE! Thanks for all of your technology. This could easily be the best putter I have ever owned, and believe me I have owned many. Scotty Cameron, Ping x 5, Bulleye, 8802, Coors Ceramic, Two Ball x 3, Calloway, and a bunch of others I can’t even remember. Yours is the best.


Off season training turned to gamer – FGP mallet 

I bought a used FGP mallet during the off season to work on posture and consistent set up to the ball. I was got a counter balanced version because I was interested and thought it was worth a try. This putter #1 feels great, the RST is hands down why I initially looked at Seemore but didn’t realize how good it actually was. this hasn’t left the bag since i purchased it. I feel so confident over the ball and only thing I think about now is making the putt. by: RocketMutt


PTM1 reviews from customers

John R review of PTM1 - My first Seemore putter, I fell in love with the feel immediately.
Pasztor review of PTM1 Black - Best putter I’ve ever owned
I love my PTM1. I go to my RedX2 periodically but I always come back to the Seemore. Will get a mini Giant in time.
Bill review of PTM1 Black - Wish I bought one 20 years ago.
I have been very happy the last 5 years that I have had this putter. I was fitted by Ted at their HQ in Franklin, TN and they are there after the sale to support if you have any questions or concerns. This is a 1st class product and company! The dispersion on missed putts is very narrow now compared to what I was experiencing before thanks to this great alignment system. Set an appointment to stop in when you are in the Franklin area. Well worth your time talking with them and trying SeeMore!
Dallen review of PTM1 Black - Try It, and you won't go back!
I have now owned 3 SeeMore Putters over the last 20 years. The PTM1 is the best club in my bag. Great feel off of the face and the RST makes 5 footers almost automatic.
I love this putter (Paul – PTM1 Black)
I love this putter – it’s the same as the one that Zach Johnson uses and feels fantastic. My SeeMore has helped lower my handicap substantially. I will never use another putter!
Mike S. (PTM1) 
Jim, all I can say is WOW! If I can roll the ball half as well as I am rolling it in my basement, I will save many strokes this summer! The season is rapidly approaching here in Chicago and I can’t wait. I can’t say enough about your customer service, website and ordering process, and now the product….I am sold!  Thanks for your help!  Mike

Nashville mFGP Customer Reviews

Solomon C review of Nashville Series mFGP SS Black
I’m loving my Nashville mFGP SS putter. I bought it used from about three weeks ago and it is a work of art. The RST system was intuitive and it was easy to adjust my setup and stance. I’m already putting better than ever and hope to never have another putter again. Consider me a Seemore believer! One question though: the putter was slightly shorter than advertised at 31.5” and, from past experience and the fit-guide on your site, I’m more suited to a 33” or 33.5”. I’d also prefer a thicker grip than the Quad Tour grip currently installed. I’ll send in a repair request query. I’d much rather have your team make these changes so as to not ruin the balance, feel, or magic of this putter. Thanks!
Divot review of Nashville mFGP SS Blade Black - A thing of beauty
I keep going back to my seemore putter after I try something else. I truly have 40 putters including Scotty, Ping and odyssey. The feel is unmatched. Alignment is automatic.
Big "D" review of Nashville mFGP SS Blade Black - I love my putter!
I bought my seemore putter several years ago while in Nashville, golf was rained out one day so went to Franklin to Seemore putter company and was fitted for my putter, I have really loved it, great feel and easy to line up!
Mike review of Nashville mFGP SS Blade Black - Great Putter
I got fitted at the Seemore Studio in 2016 and after it was all over, the fitter offered several putters that would work for me, some of them being good quality, but very inexpensive. I have never regretted spending the money for this milled Nashville series - it's the best!!!

New Accessories in Stock

Beanie with or without bobble and Sun Mountain Valuables Pouches now in Stock.

The Nor’Easter Knit Beanie Imperial Model # 6001 The Nor’ Easter is a soft yet durable winter knit. Measuring in at 8″ tall with a 3″ cuff, this classic style will keep you warm all Winter long. Soft 12 gauge acrylic fabric 8″tall with 3″ cuff Fleece lined Imperial rubber patch on back of cuff One size fits most

SeeMore offers an elegant Sun Mountain Valuables Pouch. The velour-lined pouch with a drawstring string closure is ideal for storing a range finder, cell phone, and other small electronics. Additionally the interior includes a secondary zippered, velour-lined pocket that is large enough to safely store keys or jewelry during your round. This is a great accessory for your golf bag. The valuables pouch measures approximately W 5.5" x H 7" x D 1.75"

The Tahoe Knit Beanie with Pom Imperial Model # 6006 The Tahoe is a soft yet durable winter knit. The matching pom on top adds a touch of style, and will keep you warm all Winter long. Soft 12 gauge acrylic fabric 8″tall with 3″ cuff Matching pom Fleece lined Imperial rubber patch on back of cuff One size fits most

Reshaft of DB4

Customer enquired about getting his DB4 reshafted with an all Black Shaft and wanted his loft and lie checking and setting to 2.5 degree loft and 70 degree lie.  Posted to us and arrived today, so will be ready to ship back on Monday.

Service continue even in this time of lockdown.