Si2 with Groovy Head Cover

Custom build of a SeeMore Si2 - 33 Inches with lie of 70 and loft of 2.5, fitted with a SeeMore 75g Red grip and the Groovy Red Floating RST Magnetic headcover.  Built and shipped.  Couriers still collecting and delivering.

Online order custom built
Full custom build for these beauties ordered online.
Seemore Putters Si5w Offset - 31", 71 deg lie, 1 deg loft, All Black Whistle Shaft, Groovy White Mallet Headcover, and Garsen Non-Tapered Grip.
FGP Original - 35.5", 68 deg lie, 2.5 deg loft, SeeMore 75g Grip, Black Shamrock Headcover.
mFGP20 - 34.5", 68 deg lie, 2.5 deg loft, SeeMore 75g Red grip, Black with Red Star Headcover. All different and built to the specifications of the customer.
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Happy New Year

With the majority of the country in Tier 4 and Government guidance being outside contact only we are Open but with limited services available. 

Doing a 1-1 fitting outside is not currently an option but by using our online guide you will be able to determine the correct length which thereby enables the correct posture and set up for a SeeMore Putter.  Orders can then be processed online against the putter of your choice and we will be able to custom build to the right length and fit your choice of grip and headcover.  Shipping would then be actioned to the delivery address advised.

Services to regrip, reshaft, and check loft and lie are available with you either ringing to arrange to drop off or shipping to us.  All work will be carried out to agreed specifications.

Putter Fitting Guide Link