New Hosel out for testing

2020 season will see the arrival of a new SeeMore Hosel and this one has been built and sent to Jason Ripley at Rother Valley to do some testing with.

An avid golfer and professional he is always keen to try new things out.

m7Tour Whistle for player on Mena Tour

Daniel Gaunt selected the M7 Tour whistle shaft as his SeeMore putter of choice.  2nd on the money list of the Mena Tour Daniel knows that putting is key to success.  Approx 40% of the amature game is down to putting so having a simple method for every put every time where the setup is consistent can only support reduing the number of putts per round.

Young man going to use Si5w on TP Tour

A young man came for a fitting today and selected the SeeMore Si5w as his preferred putter to use on the TP Tour as he starts his golfing career.

He needed 35" length with a whistle shaft and 71 degree lie to meet his needs and specification, so a custom fit and build was a sure way to achieve this and give him the best opportunity to putt well when playing on the TP tour.  The aluminium face gave great feel and he was pleased with the process. 

Plumbers neck in testing

Plumbers Neck on putters is a popular option and SeeMore will be bringing theirs to market in 2020.  We put three protoypes in some putter heads and have received a couple of the Black and Platinum hosels which are fluted and look fabulous in this m7Tour as an example.

Drumoig Golf Centre on board as SPI Centre

Pleased to welcome Drumoig Golf Centre to the SPI Centre outlets custom fitting snd selling SeeMore Putters.  The team have the range of Classic SeeMore Putters available for fittings and demo purposes and are able to do a full fitting to ensure you purchase a putter which is the right length, loft and lie for you.

The method is simple as a SeeMore allows a golfer to have the same consistent set-up, posture, ball position and stroke for EVERY single putt.  Hiding the Red Dot, and seeing the 2 white framing lines on either side of the shaft, provides the golfer immediate feedback when setup or stroke is just a bit off.  


With putting accounting for approx 40% of your game having a custom fit putter could be the difference you are looking for.