Pleased to confirm that Stewart Craig based at Forthview Golf Range, Airth, Scotland is qualified as a SeeMore Fitter and Instructor.  

Having a putter custom fit to your exact requirements for length, loft and lie is paramount to enabling a consistent set up to every putt.  Then adoption of the SeeMore Method "Hide the Red Dot" will enable consistency in set up and stroke to be developed.  

Professional Clients that Stewart coaches include:

Calum Hill 2018 Challenge Tour Winner (who uses a SeeMore Putter), Dale Reid OBE (23 Tour Wins), Allison Nicholas MBE (18 Tour Wins), Corrine Dibnah (16 Tour Wins), Trish Johnson (21 Tour Wins), Becky Brewerton (2 Tour Wins), Beatriz Recari (4 Tour Wins). Stewart has worked with many other top class tour players. 

His Amateur Clients include: 

Graeme Robertson +5,  John Fraser +2,  Ryan Campbell Tour Pro.  ​Malcolm Pennycott +1, Chris Lawton +2, Steven Aitken +4, Cameron Black +2, Stuart Irving 0, Louise MacGregor 1.  Butryou don't need to be a plus handicap or a professional to get the best from a SeeMore Putter and Stuart will be please do help golfers at all levels.