Demo Day Sutton Coldfield 11/5/18

We will be hosting a SeeMore Putter Demo Day at Sutton Coldfield Golf Club on Friday 11th May 2018.  Working with Professional Patrick Brady and the team we will have the range of SeeMore Putters and Rosemark Grips available to try and have a custom fitting.  Starting at 10.30 am through to 3pm.

Putting is said to be 40% of your game, so having the right set up, right grip, right length and a simple method to ensure consistency everytime and you should see your handicap going the right way.

Book an appointment with the Proshop and we look forward to getting you on the road to a great putting experience.

Demo Day Wellingborough 5/5/18

Pleased to announce a demo day for SeeMore Putters and Rosemark Grips will be held on Saturday 5th May at Wellingborough Golf Club.  With the support of David Clifford and the team we will be able to custom fit the putter to be the right length, right lie, right loft, along with the grip that suits you.  Putting accounts for approximately 40% of the game so with a consistent set up and method to putt with and the right tool in your hands, hopefully the handicap will only go one way!

We will have the Tour Bag of putters with us to enable you to try the different heads and head materials.  With different feel from different material the opportunity to try before you buy is a worthwhile experience.  But there is also no obligation to buy.