Belton Park Demo Day 6/4/18

A demo day is in the diary at Belton Park Golf Club for 6th April - 10.30 to 3pm.  Contact the Pro Shop for info.

Great opportunity for members, visitors and invitees to come along and be custom fit for a SeeMore Putter and try the range of heads to find the one that suits them.  Also they can try the revolutionary Rosemark Grip.   There is no obligation to buy.

SeeMore Putters offer golfers the #1 alignment putting system in golf. SeeMore’s patented RifleScope Technology (RST), known by a visible gun sight on the top line, allows the golfer to set up the putter perfectly each and every time in relation to the intended target line. This is accomplished by lining up the black bottom portion of the shaft between two white lines and covering a signature red dot on the heel of the top line. The process is like locking radar onto a target. The two parallel white sight lines frame the shaft and serve as an indicator that the golfer is in perfect position to make a consistent and reliable stroke. 

SeeMore has been a revered putter brand for over 15 years. SeeMore originally became recognized when Payne Stewart won the 1999 U.S. Open playing a SeeMore putter in the greatest clutch final round putting performance in US Open History. The brand was re-launched in 2007, and immediately regained worldwide prominence as Zach Johnson used a SeeMore FGP to win the 2007 Masters.

Rosemark putter grips provide tension free putting with greater control. 

All Rosemark grips share the same patented and premium design of a beautifully textured, tapered shape in several sizes with multiple angles in a hexagon shape around the grip, which completely conform to the shape of a hand. Rosemark helps the golfer set up square and keep the putter head square at set up and during the stroke, with the same minimal grip pressure that the best players in the world use. 

Rosemark putter grips came into great prominence during 2015 and 2016 as they were used by several of the best golfers on the planet, female World #1 Lydia Ko as well as PGA Tour World top 20 player Russell Knox. Ko won 2 Major Championships and 7 tournaments worldwide using the Rosemark 1.52 NextGen putter grip, while Knox won the 2016 Travelers Championship using the Rosemark 1.25 NextGen putter grip. 

Bought M1t

Customer emailed us to ask advise about getting a SeeMore Putter fitting.  Was prepared to travel over 2 hours to get to us as wanted to see the range of putters on offer before making a decision.  He thought he knew roughly what he wanted but was prepared to try the models before deciding.

Fitting was undertaken to determine correct length and he then took up his posture, which was pretty good, with eyes over the back of the putter and putter head in the middle of the stance.  So it came down to him trying out the different head styles and materials.  With a different feel available because of head materials Frank took his time to find the one he was most comfortable with.

Fitting completed and decision made, Frank was pleased to have the Giant M1t putter built and shipped to him within 48 hours.  It wasn't a putter that had been on his radar originally, but the fitting gave him the full options to choose from.  Lovely feedback received.

"It has just arrived and looks beautiful.  Shame I can't use it on grass until the snow clears. A big thank you to you and Melvyn for your splendid service."