Manor Golf Club

Pleased to welcome Phil Cary PGA Professional at The Manor Golf Club as a Certified SPI Fitter for the SeeMore Range of Putters.


In 1989, the Bathew family decided that they'd had enough of farming and in order to still get some use out of the land, they were going to build a golf course.

In 1991 the club was established as a business venture and the family approached Mr Ted Anderson, a local architect and family friend, and asked if he would design the layout of a 9 hole course on the 70 acres of land. This, along with the building of the clubhouse that would eventually overlook the whole course, was the best start the Manor could have gotten. The 9 hole course proved to be great fun to play and as Ted's first attempt at course design, a great base from which to expand to 18. The only regret now is that more photographs weren't taken. (always the case I guess)

After 4 years some neighbouring land became available and it was decided that as membership was improving, then maybe a course extension was warranted.

In 1994 the club purchased another 33 acres of land and duly brought in a golf course constructor to change the existing 9 holes into an 18 hole golf course. This would involve a complete reshaping of the 9 hole layout, indeed, only the first and second remain from the original Ted Anderson design.

In 1996 the club held its first full 18 hole competition. It really was a memorable day, enjoyed by all. Shortly after this all the newly constructed greens developed 'take-all' disease which decimated the playing surface. It would be 2 years before the greens and course as a whole, would recover.

In 1999 the club acquired another 16 acres of adjacent land and built 3 brand new holes - par 3,4 and 5 - and got rid of 3 par 3's. This took the par of the course up to a more respectable 71. This also brought in the new regime of USGA greens, built by the greenstaff 'in house', and got rid of 3 poorly constructed ones.

In 2003, another USGA green was constructed on top of what was by far the most unfair green on the course - the infamous 3rd. A wickedly sloping green that was hard to keep the ball on.

In 2008, another 3 USGA greens were constructed to replace the 1st, 7th and 9th. The original greens were all poorly constructed using materials from the ponds that were dug out. New, larger tees are constantly being constructed in order to keep up with the popularity of the course.

Woodsome Hall Golf Club

Situated to the south of Huddersfield and close to the main motorway networks, Woodsome Hall Golf Club provides traditional quality golfing values to its members and visitors alike. With a Par of 70 and a SSS of 71 the course is an excellent test of skill for golfers of all levels with accuracy and thought being the key to success.

Our 16th century Grade 1 listed Club House is truly stunning and steeped in history. Here you will be able to take advantage of the wonderful catering, cask beers and fine hospitality on offer which all adds to providing an unforgettable golfing experience.

John Eyre and his staff are able to provide lessons for:


Intermediate Level

Advanced Level

Also Group Lessons upon request


Above the pro-shop John has developed an indoor putting centre where members at Woodsome Hall GC are now able to enjoy one of the best facilities in Yorkshire. There is a 40 foot indoor putting green and more than 70 putters from more than 7 golf brands for players to test out including the SeeMore Putter which has won over $40m for Zach Johnson.  The facility has been described by many a club professional as being ‘magnificent!’

The putting area features a state-of-the-art surface which measures a 12 on the stimp meter: this speed having been chosen as it provides the user with a true roll. It also has a surface around the outside of the green which imitates the fringe on an outside green thus providing the ability to provide chipping lessons indoors.


John is the only National Putting Zone Coach in the UK. He has worked closely with Geoff Mangum at Putting Zone on perfecting the art of putting and is now highly regarded as one of the best putting coaches in the country.

If you are interested in improving the most important part of you game, then contact John and get into the Putting Zone!

Brief insight into Putting Zone...

Putting has FOUR skills, not just the stroke, and these four skills must be integrated with instinctive touch and stroke timing -- Read, Aim, Stroke, and Touch. In the Putting Zone, you will find the most comprehensive and lethally effective putting techniques in golf history -- combining the best from golf since the 1800s with advanced physics, anatomy, biomechanics, motor science, and especially the NEW neuroscience of perceptual and movement processes in the brain and body for instinctive reading, aiming, stroking and controlling distance and pace. You're either in the Putting Zone, or not.


Customer wanted to order from France so used the website to select his putter.  He has some questions on the loft and lie angles which we corresponded via email to sort.  Happy to then place his order on the web for an FGP Original with a Rosemark 1.38 Black/Silver grip.

His feedback to use as follows: "Putter recieved, It's fantastic and the grip seems to be great.

So impatient to try it after work, Thank you" Ricardo