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SeeMore Makes Me Play Better
SeeMore putters and its RifleScope Technology help me play better golf. It can be so easy over time to get into poor habits of miss alignment. Hiding the red dot is a simple yet extremely effective way to keep myself set up and aligned correctly. Seemore Putters give me my best chance to putt my best!
Steve S. PGA Quarter Century Life Member
Funyuns – GolfWRX Mbr
Another firm supporter of SeeMore. Grabbed one off eBay for a steal and nothing can keep it out of the bag for long even though its a blade and I’ve always gravitated towards mallets. Been wanting to get into the studio for a fitting for a while, hopefully soon. Covering the red dot just gives me confidence that I am being consistent with my setup. I like the feeling that if I missed it was because I picked the wrong line and I don’t start trying to ‘fiddle’ with my stroke during a round.
BeCu_Ping – GolfWRX Mbr
I recently switched (note I change putters a lot or hopefully use to :) to a SeeMoore Corona Del Mar after a SAM putter fitting and demo. Just something about that red dot and setting/hiding it and forgetting about alignment. Just reduces my tension for whatever reason. There are numerous custom offerings for each putter model in their lineup. I hope to visit their studio one day as I hear its impressive.
Turfskidder – GolfWRX Mbr
It’s been a while since I’ve been on the forum, and to my amazing wonderment, a post on SeeMore Putters!!!  DISCLAIMER!!! I don’t work or get paid to promote SeeMore Putters. I simply BELIEVE in this product and love the technology and craftsmanship in the product line.
     I honestly don’t know why EVERYONE isn’t playing with a SeeMore Putter. Between their patented Rifle Scope Technology allowing you to line up squarely to your target line EVERY time without fail, and their face balancing unlike other putters out there due to the face is balanced at the working position which is at impact, and their quality of materials and craftsmanship, this company is putting out the highest quality putters in the world.
     Ok, now that I got out my run-on sentence out of the way, and switch from sounding like an advertisement, to a testimonial :golfer: A little background about me so you can get a more clear picture and understanding of where I’m coming from with my experience with SeeMore Putters. I am 41 years old and have been playing competitively and recreationally for more than 27 years, of which, as a single digit handicap, and as low as a plus. I’ve spent a short stint on the mini tours.
     First and foremost, I have played mostly with a traditionally designed “Answer” putter and most recently a Scotty Cameron Newport 2. I found that I was VERY streaky of a putter, meaning it was either 32-36 putts per round with a score between 70-72, or at my peak of 28 putts and a score of 66. Later on I would find out this was due to nothing more than inconsistently setting up to the putter and not getting a consistent stroke and roll on the ball. This was immensely frustrating to say the least. I found that my habits have formed into me setting up my eyes well inside the ball and behind it. I would aim just out to the right of my intended target line and pull the putt back on the target line with a closed face. One could only imagine how inconsistent this is. When I was on was only due to countless hours of practice and repetition on the practice green. If I didn’t maintain at least 10-15 hours a week practicing I would get the inconsistent results.
     I researched the SeeMore Putter company and what sold me on putting one in the bag and replacing my beloved Cameron. Don’t get this twisted, I love the Scotty Cameron’s just as much as most people do, however I had to face reality and sought out the truth in what really would be best for me, NOT “what everyone else” was using, (including the tour pros). So with that, I jumped on the computer and started their online fitting process, (I live in the PNW) and to my amazement, and I believe their fitting process online was very thorough and I even learned something about my stroke I wasn’t aware I was doing.
     Once I got fitted, I found the one I thought stood out to me in my mind that was a little different but along the same design concept I am use to. So I chose to go with ONEcs SS – Nashville Studio Series. This is a true center shafted putter and I’ve always loved the look of a center shafted putter at set up. If you LOVE what you’re looking at, at setup, you’re going to be confident going into the stroke. I am a FIRM believer that in putting, look is extremely important, almost as important if not, more important than functionality. However, with SeeMore Putters, their is a TON of technology behind their functionality that makes it the best tool for the job.
     Once I received my ONEcs SS – Nashville Studio Series putter I went to the practice green to try it out. At first it was very awkward to me, since my fundamentals were so far off. At first glance it looked like my blade was WIDE open, and I felt my hands were well behind the ball and I couldn’t get use to hiding the red dot all way leaving some of it visible on the right side of the right white line. I practiced trusting what the RST (Rifle Scope Technology) was designed to do. What happened automatically amazed me!!! What began to transpire was slowly and gradually by trusting the putter and setting up to it properly my fundamentals corrected themselves, allowing me to square up to the ball, get my eyes directly over the ball, or slightly inside (which to me is OK), and now I am aiming the putter face square to my target line. Once I spent some decent time doing this (a week for about a total of 4 hours) I started to see massive improvements in consistency. If I missed my target 1 of 2 things happened. It was either my aim (wrong target, not the alignment) or I really did put a poor stroke on it. However, this miss was a lip out, instead of the usual missed by a ball or two outside. That is a HUGE marked in confidence and consistency.
     I took the putter out to the course and immediately felt confident in the fact that I didn’t have to worry about if I was lined up properly to my putter and my target, and that freed up my stroke, allowing me to make a smooth free flowing stroke. To me this was the most important development, since I was always concerned about trying to make the perfect stroke, and when I did that, I would tense up, and not allow for a smooth free stroke.
     After a month of having it in the bag I entered a local 54 hole city championship with only 2 rounds under my belt in just over a year (had double hand surgery). Well the long and short of it was I played decent on the first day, with poor ball striking, but my putter allowed me to squeeze out a +2 round (72). The second day I dialed in the ball striking, allowing my SeeMore Putter to take credit for a -5 (65) with only 24 putts. I went into the 3rd day with a 2 stroke lead, and increased that to a 5 stroke lead after only 3 holes and now I’m -5 for the tournament. Fast forward to the back nine and I closed out with an Eagle on #15 by sinking a 15 footer thanks to my now trusty SeeMore and parred in the remaining holes one putting albeit, and came out on top to win the tournament by 7 strokes and a closing -10 for the 72 hole tournament. This would not have been possible with ANY other putter in my bag. So thanks SeeMore Putters! I won a City Championship after playing only 5 rounds of golf in over a year.
     Needless to say, that in its own right, I will always use a SeeMore putter. This guarantees correct alignment to the ball and your intended target, and with the face balance, it will return to impact more consistently than ANY other putter. There are a lot of face balanced putters out there, but they are NOT entirely face balanced at impact where you need it to be.
     Hope you got this far in my long winded testimonial, and if you did thank you. Now do yourself and your game a solid, and get fitted for a SeeMore Putter and put it in the bag.
Good luck to all, and as always…Fairways and Greens! :golfer:
Max – GolfWRX Mbr
Short answer – I love them. I have on and off been using one Seemore putter or another for seven or eight years now. I simply putt the best with them and they always end up in my bag, even if I try to take one out for a while. For anyone that has the patience to read my babbling, below is my…
     Long answer – Well this is one of my favourite topics, so please excuse the lengthy reply! I have tried pretty much every kind of putting technique that the big guros or pro’s use, in combination with an appropriate putter for that style. Not so much out of desperacy, cause honestly I’ve had some success with almost all styles, but mostly because I love putting/putters and I’ve always been very curious about different approaches. And since I had my first kid five years ago, I don’t have as much time to play 18 holes as I used to, but I live very close to a good training facility with a great putting green, so I tend to spend most of my golf time there.
     From a pure first instinct to what style feels the most natural to me, I have to say it is probably the “Faxon style” of putting. Grip in your fingers, slightly open stance, head back to see the line, small forward press to get the motion started and just roll the ball without any kind of stroke thoughts or worries. This style works so well on the practice green and often on the course as well. BUT, unfortunately for me, I do have days when I simply can’t see the line with this setup cause something obviously is just slightly off from where it was the last time. When that happens, I start to mess around with my posture, I move the ball a little forward or back in my stance, I move closer or further away from the ball, I open or close my stance, I forward press some more or less etc. and all of the sudden I am completely lost and I start to steer, push or pull my putts and it is a total disaster.
     There is a style of putting that Seemore promotes you use when using their putters. In short, it is that everything should be square to the target line, upright posture with eyes inside the ball, grip in the fingers, not the palm, no forward press, even balance with everything perfectly centered, hide the red dot and let the putter swing on the arc of it’s plane. This to me felt a bit stiff and uncomfortable in the beginning, but the thing is, I never have a day when I don’t see the line with this style, since it is so easy to get into the exact same setup with a Seemore putter. And the more I practised this style of putting, the more natural it felt and now is very comfortable for me.
     If you look at the pro’s practising putting, all of them, even those that you would think putt only based on feel and instinct, like Snedeker or Bubba, they all have mirrors or lasers or some sort of devise to double check their setup. With a Seemore putter and their philosophy on how to setup, so much of this is taken care of by itself without constantly having to use gadgets to double check everything.
     As to the putters themselves, apart from the whole red dot thing which is obviously something I love, I think most of them are very well balanced and work so smoothly for this style of putting. I was recently in the US and had a day with nothing planned and bonus miles on my card ready to use, so I actually went to their headquarters for a fitting. This is something I have long wanted to do and it was a great experience. I left with one of their fancy 100% milled mFGP2 putters in hand, perfectly specced out for me. It is one of the, if not the best feeling putter I have ever used. Super easy to swing on plane, but very stable as well.
     From now on, whenever I know I want to putt the best I can, I will use this putter. I really don’t think I am going to be messing around with other putters or styles from now on. But, I will however still sometimes throw a Bullseye in the bag, cause I simply love rolling a bullseye from time to time. Particularly when I only carry a half set in my Sunday bag, a Bullseye just seems appropriate for some reason. The Seemore philosophy on technique works very well for this kind of putter too, and I’m actually in the process of setting one up to the exact same specs as my new Seemore putter. :) But that’s a different topic.
I know this sounds like I’m getting payed by Seemore, but I’m not. Quite on the contrary actually, I’ve spent quite some cash on different putters from them. But I really do believe in their system and product though.
Cheers,  Max
Awesome Putter – Mike H.
I was a long time Scotty Cameron putter, but couldn’t fine tune my stroke and maximize my potential on the greens until I got honest about my stroke. It wasn’t until I saw how SeeMore putters are engineered and made to be face balanced at impact, combined with the RST (Rifle Scope Technology) that my game improved with the flat stick. I’m not gonna tell ya that I dropped 5-8 strokes a round with it, as I am already a scratch golfer, however I will tell you that the ball drops in the hole a lot more and my misses are lipouts instead of inches from missing the hole. I would highly suggest looking into a SeeMore putter and more importantly getting fitted for one, and watch you start winning that Nassau match you have with your friends.